Friday, July 13, 2012

Ice Cream Date

Last night, George, Lily and I headed out for ice cream after supper.

We don't do it often, but I lovelovelove ice cream and after having been in a funk long enough this summer, I told my husband I really just wanted to go tonight.

You know, there's nothing two and a half scoops {and that's a small!} of deliciousness can't cure! This place is newer to us, has so many different flavors to choose from, and it's so reasonably priced. Can't beat it!  Lily loves ice cream! They have teeny baby cones {for free} and they're perfect for the Lilinator.

We got her a teeny chocolate cone. 
{i love her sweet little fingers holding onto it}

George sampled cotton candy and black raspberry. I sampled German chocolate cake and caramel salted pretzel. We both liked them all! He went with cotton candy and I went with the German chocolate cake this time.   Lily was, of course, thrilled with her chocolate.

She sat happily on the bench eating her "eye-keem."  

There was an older man~grandfather type~ sitting on the next bench over who started smiling at Lily. She smiled at him and then started closing her eyes at him like she does when she thinks someone can't see her.

She entertained he and his wife.

And us.

We'd ask her if she wanted help with her ice cream or needed a napkin and she'd sweetly say, "No, Mama. No Daddy."   So we let her have it her way. Down her arms, all over her face, dripping on her shirt, her shorts, her legs.

She also wanted to be down... so a picture with me was entertaining.

teeny cone was all she needed.
An ice cream date with my love and my littlest love was all I needed.


  1. Replies
    1. Meeeee too! I lovelovelove ice cream! As a result, I try not to keep any in the house. :)

  2. Adorable . . . where did y'all go?

  3. so cute, I love how she says "eye-keem" lol so sweeties!

  4. Love her "you can't see me" face haha.

    1. She does it all the time! It's hysterical!

  5. german chocolate ice cream? that sounds like heaven!

    she is just too cute! I cant wait til B likes ice-cream right now she takes on bite and sticks out her tongue its so cold lol

    1. It was super chocolately and oh so delicious!