Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last Week of One: Donut Day

While I'm catching up on the other summer activities and posts, I'm going to be celebrating
Lily's Last Week of One! 

I'm still in shock that we're here. Alas, there are a mere 7 days until her 2nd birthday.

This morning, we headed to the grocery store for milk. She took her purse with us which cracked me up because as we got to the front door to go out, she turned around and went back in saying, "phone. phone," going off to look for her phone she'd forgotten.  Little mimic.

Purses and phones in hand we headed off.

I decided we'd have donuts for her last Tuesday of being one.

She was happy with the choice as well.


  1. omg I love the hands on the face! She is just too cute! xoxo

  2. trying to get caught up on my favorite blogs. i can't believe how much she's grown! cutie!

  3. Those pictures are so cute! She is such an expressive little girl!

  4. She Is ADORABLE!! Looks like she loved that chocolate goodness- too sweet!