Friday, July 20, 2012

Last Week of One: She Thinks We're Just Fishin'

Wednesday we ran some birthday party planning errands amidst a lightning storm sprinkled with a little bit of rain.  After arriving home, we put Lily down for a short, late nap and George and Reagan headed to a local park with a pond for fishing.  Lily and I followed after her brief nap.

As soon as Lily and I arrived, it started to rain, of course. But, lightly enough that we stayed.

Upon getting out of the car, there were a bunch of geese hanging around and Lily immediately started shouting, "Chicken! Chicken! bock bock!"  and off she went to get them.

The child has no fear. Except of the vacuum cleaner.

Off we went to find Daddy and Reag, where Lily wanted to run and then get down where her daddy was and literally walk into the water. It was wet and slippery and as I said, the kid has no fear, so she is entertainment in her own right.

Reagan caught a teeny little fish and George showed it to Lily.  "No fear" Lily grabbed it to see the "feesh" and wanted it off the hook so she could hold it.

She ran up and down the steps and picked up anything she could find to throw it in the water~ mostly leaves and sticks, but then she decided her water sippy cup was good too.

She wanted to be with her daddy...

And then she wanted to be back up again with Reagan.
{yes, we fish in dresses}

The rain got a little bit heavier and Lily got a little bit squirmier with the back and forth up and down which was slippery because of the rain and mud, so Lily and I decided it was time to head home.

She's happy to do anything. Especially if it involves running. So leaving was perfectly fine with her too since the car was pretty far.

 "Bye bye Mama! Runnin!"