Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are You There?

~Last time I was here too long ago, I was blogging about Lily's last week of one. I have a few posts to add to that last week along with nearly every single other thing we've done this summer, but I'm starting to feel a little less in a funk and more like journaling and capturing. Thank God for my camera this summer.

Here's what's on the horizon:

~I've got a few giveaways coming up!

~Guest Post over at one of my favorites.

~Life in a stepfamily and coparenting has taken a positive turn that I officially say is successful that I need to write about a new life for Reagan.

~Lily's 2 year birthday party!

~Andrew's summer adventures and all his travel.

~4th of July trip to Scout Camp for family day!

~A few tales of the outlaws.

~Lots of playdates!

And just for good measure here's a cute picture:

Thanks for bearing with me!


  1. oh she is just so sweet! So wonderful to see you again yesterday! Cant wait to hear all about the party! See you on Thursday!

    1. She's a sweet, amazing and crazy little one.

  2. What?? How is she 2 years old already? And now we've known each other two years, so happy blogfriendiversary :)
    Your comment meant the world to me...I am off to walk dogs before it gets dark, but I will be back to respond to it in more than a few words.
    You still lift me up, friend, after all of this time.
    Love to you, always.

    1. I KNOW!! How is that possible???
      Happy blogfriendiversary to you too!

      You are a treasure and I'm glad we found one another. xoxox

  3. I am so glad to see you back, we have MISSED YOU!!!

  4. Amen. Yay for your return and for shaking off the funks!!