Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Steph's Snippets

I need a little brain declutter, so random it is.

~I didn't forget about Reagan's 1st day of school pictures and post. ;)  I have her all set for Friday after Curriculum Night and ending our 1st week of school...purposely. We have a whole new schedule with her this year, so I've decided to end our back to school week with her. ;)

~I have a handful of bloggers who I read {and have read} regularly for awhile. I so totally know that time is so precious to both read/comment and respond. I truly appreciate a few who consistently and thoughtfully reply either under the blog comment I have left or an email reply.  I have left many, many comments on blogs where the woman never acknowledges it.  Apparently, there is some kind of clique I am not privvy to~~especially "big bloggers."  While that in itself doesn't matter to me, if you've poured your emotions out and people respond, even a simple "thank you" goes a long way. 

~I have lived in Pittsburgh for nearly 5 years. One of the crucial missing pieces of living here has been the lack of friends. Certainly, I don't mean the quantity, but rather women whose lives are on similar paths.  Basically finding and developing a valuable friendship in a new town when you're in your 30s and most everyone has grown up with all their friends, it's difficult to find the emotional and meaningful supportive friends that I truly need in my life.  I've been fortunate enough to find a handful of them recently.  As in with any group, some people have more in common than others and closer friendships develop.  I have had some deeper conversations with a couple of these amazing women lately, as well as a lot of laughs which is important to me too. As I recently shared with my true and genuine friend, I have waited 5 years to have a friend like her.

~Junior High has kicked my son's butt by day 3. He, who has been a crack of dawn riser the majority of his life, said to me this morning, "This is early, even for me." hahaha! He asked to take a nap after school today too.

~ So I thought I had Lily's Halloween costume decided on a few weeks ago, but now I'm not so sure. Did you know that there are costumes that cost upwards of EIGHTY dollars for kids?!  Holy cow!  No, I didn't choose an $80 costume that I'm changing from, but rather I'm not sure I want her to be a character off tv yet. Plenty of time for that, I think.

~I seriously do not understand why there is a car that runs into a building or a house in Pittsburgh.

~My husband's band has an upcoming gig. Their first. I'm super excited for him! And I'm looking forward to hearing him play out. My first. I swoon like a 12 year old girl listening to him play at home.

~  Don't forget to enter my Crayola Color Wonder Summer Fun Pack giveaway! Ends tomorrow night!


  1. I randomly answer my blog comments, because I don't ever go back to check to see if mine were answered on other blogs? And I'm not even sure you can follow posts from my blog? Comments posted, I mean. So I don't think they would ever read them if I respond. Does that sound silly? I guess I should look into that! I get an email if I respond to myself! I appreciate every single comment you take the time to leave! :-)

    Also I hear ya on the friend thing. You know I do. :-) We've been friends for awhile now but it's not quite the same as when that full-on click euphoria happens. I'm so happy for you!

    Now don't go driving into any buildings! ;)

    1. If I've left a comment that I'm curious if it was responded to, I go back. Always. I do get emails from comments that are on "big" pour your heart posts, but it's kind of like twitter...people who continually ignore your replies are rude.

      The latest building/house casualty of note was the Duquesne Light truck into a house.

  2. I have never checked to see if my comments are answered either. But I do comment back on a few comments that are left on mine. But really only the heart felt ones like when I poured out on how blah things have been. So I feel your frustration if you have poured out your heart to someone who then basically ignores what you said. That would hurtful!

    I have lived here for my whole life. Moving into our district when I was 6. I left for 10 months (aside from college) but came right back. I could not imagine moving far away in my 30 and attempting to make a new life. I say it all the time but I am so happy we found each other on twitter and blogging. Our group of Moms is wonderful. The kids a good mix. We laugh. We chat. It's a good thing!

    Driving into buildings is just crazy. Pgh must just be swarming with the crazies!

    1. I do see both sides and the everyday stuff when someone doesn't reply doesn't bother me. Just the big, heartfelt stuff.

      You are an important part of my life xoxox

  3. I get ya, a year ago we moved to Fort Collins and finding true friends is not an easy task. Thank heavens for FB where I can still talk to my friends from other places but it does get a little lonely.

    I didn't realize EVERY day someone runs into a building, well thats Pittsburgh for ya. Miss that crazy town.

    1. Kara, it totally is so hard! FB does help for sure...although sometimes it makes me jealous. Truth.


  4. I hate commenting on big blogs and never getting replies either! Totally with you on Halloween costumes. It's ridiculous! And then you hardly ever get what you paid for. I actually lucked out on our trip to Barcelona. I found Sina a flamenco outfit for $10. I didn't know your hubby was in a band. Totally cool!

    1. Ooooohhhh I bet she's going to be awesome in her costume!! Can't wait to see!

  5. Amy's Snippets

    1.) Loved Reagan's b2s pics on fb
    2.) I 100% agree about the "big" bloggers, same goes for the "Twitter Queens" of the world. Just know that I value every word you say to me, those words have become even more valued over the past week.
    3.)I am sorry you had to wait so long to find me, but I am here now & we are having a blast!
    4.)Poor Andrew, early wake ups are rough, he will be rewarded when he is in college & can schedule classes at 1pm
    5.)Halloween costume? this baffles me, I thought for sure you would have found something on clearance last yr. for this year. You bargain shopper.
    6.)Cars running in to buildings is just a thing around here, there is no explaination
    7.)I get the same feeling about Greg when I watch him play baseball (even though I complain about him having so many games) Good luck to G!!Maybe we can be his groupies :)
    8.) I am all over that Color Wonder prize pack, I am feeling lucky! If I do WIN I hope ppl don't think it was rigged (althought I wouldn't mind if it was)
    9.) I love Steph Snippets, can you do it more often. You rarely talk about yourself on here, and you deserve some space too!

    1. 1.xoxox
      2.Exactly the same page.
      4.hahahahah! don't send him away that quickly...
      5.I actually DO have a clearance costume, but not sure it's THE costume.
      6.It's weird.
      8.You, obv, didn't win.
      9. awwwww. love you!

  6. I love this post! :)

    I already commented on your comment on my post but I will say again- I feel truly blessed to have you(and the other AMAZING ladies in our `circle`) as a friend..crazy how 2 years ago we just chatted on Twitter! I will always cherish you all and the AMAZING friendships we have made! Its so hard to find TRUE real friends the older we get and I feel so blessed to know you all!Stinks I am so far away but I know I can always count on you ladies to cheer me up and be there!

    ugh halloween...I am so stumped this year!

    I agree w. Amy #9 :)

    1. Thank you!

      It's definitely so important and as you know after you have a baby life is just different. It's so important to have people in your life who are supportive and just get it.