Friday, August 31, 2012

Beginning 3rd Grade

If you've been a long time reader or know me in person, odds are you know the past five year history of Reagan's custody schedule and our struggles in dealing with such.

Last August, we went to court to lobby for Reagan to attend school in our district which was successful and thus led to a schedule where Reag was with us during the school week and with her mom on the weekends.  While it was good for school, it was tough for us with regard to family time and of course, Reagan's participation in Brownies or extra activities.

Summer came along and the schedule changed to one full week here and one full week at her mom's. Fridays were our "exchange" days.  To be honest, at first we did not love it.  It was rough on all of us. As summer went along and we got into the swing of it, we liked it more and more. Thankfully.  It was just an adjustment from having no down time throughout the school year to all down time.

Here we are now, a brand new school year...third grade! 

George and Reagan's mom decided to make some adjustments to the school custody schedule and we're continuing with the week on/week off way of life this year.  We're thrilled because we get some weekend time wooooo hooooo! It works out so great for Reagan! Her mom gets more school involvement time which allows for Reag to be involved with Brownies as well. It's truly a win-win for all of us. It's more changes with her mom's side of the family for this year, so we're supportive of working together to make things work for Reagan.  I know!!! Can you believe I'm even saying this????  {I still have to write how our story changed...I'm working on it.}

This sweet girl has had a long time dream to have her parents be able to be in the same room together without friction.  We attended Curriculum Night at school last night where working together on her behalf has started seemlessly. It's going to be a great year!

It's worked out that no matter what custody schedule has been in place, that Reagan has been with us on the first day of school since she started.  This year was no different.

Happy 1st day of 3rd Grade!


life is good


  1. Happy to hear it is going smooth! Here is to a great school year for R

  2. SO HAPPY! I am so glad it's all working out. Becoming a united team, is the key to being part of the village that raises our children. Good on you AND Reag's Mama. :)

  3. So happy for you guys that everything worked out!

  4. This post makes me happy. Have a rockin year, Reagan!!

  5. I'm so excited for her to get home & fill me in on the school scoop!!!!

  6. Love love love how life has changed for Reagan this summer and the united "team" surrounding her. We love her to pieces and wish nothing but love, laughter, and a school year filled with endless opportunities for Reagan! You go girl!! Love, Granny and Pappy

    1. Thank you! You are part of that team, you know! ♥