Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember Me?

Hi there! Remember me?

Yeah, it's been forever awhile.

I've not felt like writing, so rather than force it, I just don't.  You know that overwhelmed feeling of omgihavesomuchtocatchuponthatijustsitandstareatthescreenandwritenothing?  Yeah, that.

But, here we are with a 13 month old Lily, a returned from Tennessee Andrew, and new custody arrangements with Reagan.  Add in hockey starting, Scouts, doctors appointments for George and there's just a lot of stuff going on.

~Andrew flew back from Tennessee this past Saturday and as soon as I got through security at the airport on my way to the gate, my eyes filled with tears. I really missed him.  He'd been gone for 3 weeks.
YAY!!! He's home!

While I'm still not a fan of him flying alone--I just don't think that ever gets easier-- he's actually likes it.  I think he missed us too. :)  He had hockey practice about 2 hours after his flight which he was not thrilled about hence the shirt he chose to wear to practice.

He stepped it up eventually. :)

He's spent the last few days just hanging out and getting into the groove of home and enjoying the last week before school starts.

~Lily is still crawling where she wants to go. Sometimes like a crab on her hands and feet --this is usually when she's wearing dresses--and other times just regularly on her hands and knees. She's taken a couple steps here and there & she stands up without holding onto anything all the time. She just knows she can get where she wants to go really fast by crawling.

She's been talking a lot, saying: "LilyLilyLily" (never just one 'lily')  "puppy", "cah" (car), "mama" "dada", "hi", "hi dada (A LOT)", "hi lilylilylily", "uh oh", "ohhhhh". 
If you ask her, "How old is Lily?" she holds up her pointer finger.  She's got the letters and numbers for the bathtub and after carrying around the #1 and letter L for a long time, she's now switched to the letter "T" and when I say, "What does a 't' say? 'ta ta ta'", she'll repeat "ta ta ta". I am totally loving the language explosion!

She does this hysterical laugh and I'm still trying to catch it on video. It's one of those laughs that you cannot help but laugh when she does it.  Instant good mood. :)

~Reagan has been living with us Wednesday mornings through Saturday nights. And with her mom, Saturday nights through Wednesday mornings.  We're 2+ years into having shared custody and this has been the schedule for at least a year. 

I had mentioned previously that we were heading back to court. We had to determine what school district that Reagan would be going to this coming school year, as her mom and family is moving into a new place in a new district. George and I feel that the district we live in is better than the new one BM is moving to. She felt Reagan should go to school with them. 

Yesterday, we both presented our sides in court and the judge made his determination what he felt was best for her.  Reagan will be going to school in our district beginning as a 2nd grader this year.  We're thrilled because of the opportunities she will have and the security with being in a safe and thriving environment! Yippee! 

This brought about a change in our custody schedules as well because BM felt strongly that transporting Reagan to our school 3 days a week was a hardship. So after being in a courtroom for way too many  four hours to determine school and custody, Reagan will be living with us Monday through Friday and with her mother on the weekends during the school year. 
It's still sinking in...

When summer rolls around we'll move to a week on/week off schedule between both homes.

We are so excited about the school decision and are so happy for the chance Reag will have to be actively involved in school and extra-curricular activities. Brownies here she comes!

Maybe I've just broken through my writer's block?  We'll see.

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