Monday, August 1, 2011

The Big Vent

Ever have one of those days where everything and everyone is getting on your nerves?

Yeah, that's me today.  From the towels in the laundry basket to the way the substitute mailman can't seem to close our mailbox.


Obviously I'm just letting everything under my skin today, but whatever.

I'm breaking my own rule of not writing about certain someones, jysk.

It's funny how my husband and I let stuff bother us at totally different times.  For example, Saturday, we got notification in the mail we're heading back to court. SERIOUSLY. She's insane.  It pissed him off only because of the intrusion and the stupidity of it. I was calm, the voice of reason, just do what we have to do and by Saturday evening we'd written our reply and were done with it.

Today, it pisses ME off.  And he's calm. The stupidity of it. And I'm not just saying stupidity because I'm irritable. STUPIDITY for real.   Of course, with no regard to the kid that's involved in it and the effects and impact on her.

And the inconvenience on my life, AGAIN.  And after four freaking years of this bullshit, come on.  Grow the hell up and communicate with you daughter's father for God's sake.  And yeah, when you teach your kid that keeping secrets, lying and getting away with everything is the way to live, don't be surprised when she does that TO you.

I'm just so entirely sick of this that I'm ready to drive away for awhile.  Oh wait. I was going to do that, now I have to come back early to deal with this crap.

While, I feel truly completely confident about the outcome of this newest court adventure, I'm still so sick of dealing with it.

In other news, I'm over the heat and would like to be able to spend time OUTSIDE.
~I'm pissed that my MIL is just hateful.
~I'm pissed that my brother flies across the country, yet won't drive 2 1/2 hours to meet my family for one day.  Oh well, I realized I should have written that relationship off years ago.
~I'm pissed that if I'm not the one who calls/texts/emails, there is no relationship.
~I'm sick of being judged because of MY life and MY choices.  Perhaps if I did that to you all the time,    you'd not like it either and eventually hit a breaking point.

Yeah, I get it. I'm the problem.  It's been crammed down my throat a thousand times.  It's me. I'm the issue.

So, excuse me while I stay involved with people who give a shit about my children and my husband and me and are interested in two-sided relationships.

If you want to be a part of my life, it won't solely be because we're "friends" on Facebook.

I'm not perfect, never claimed to be.  And yes, I make mistakes. HUGE mistakes. Not just past mistakes. Current ones. And I try deal with them and the people I hurt.

There is nothing left for me in Arizona and I hope we eventually move somewhere other than Pittsburgh, but for now, we are here and I'm trying to make the best of it. Of late, it's been pretty decent--other than the weather. ;)

I've had it with passive-aggressive and people who are unable to communicate or attack when they do.

That's all for now.

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  1. Oh geez. Court again? Omg. Is be pissed as well. I will never understand people that can't accept and move on. On the bright side if she is living her life where she is never accepting and moving on you can rest assured she is one miserable b. I admire your ability to love your husband and kids and live a happy life despite her. Good job! As for your brother, I'm sorry. We have many of those issues with my own sister. She lives 4 hours away and 5 years ago when I invited her and her family to spend the holidays with us she responded "no thanks. I prefer to spend time with the people who love and support me. My church family." I have not spoken to her since. Apparently my parents and I have not loved and supported her enough. This was news to me. It's tough to keep living a happy life when such hurtful stuff is said and done. But keep doing it Stephanie. I love watching your family on FB and in your blog. You have all you will ever need right in your own home. Thanks for letting me vent on your venting blog! LOL hang tough sister!