Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Regularly Scheduled Steph

Whew.  Excuse the vent yesterday, but thanks for listening.  I felt slightly better after getting it out and a good cry.  Then a little alone time and a good night's sleep. 

Today's already a much better day...thank God.

A couple funny things recently that made me laugh. 

~Andrew was sitting at the dining room table eating a bowl of Lucky Charms, reading the comics from the Sunday paper like the old man he is minding his own business.  Lily who is always interested in what he's doing, stood on her tippy toes and grabbed on to the edge of the table to try to peek up. She's not tall enough, but it doesn't stop her from trying, of course.  Instead, she's just at the stage where she can reach the top of the table only with her hands.  Instead of grabbing the table, she grabbed her brother's bowl!  Over spills the Lucky Charms...on Andrew, on her, on the floor, on the chair. 

Andrew was mad.  I went in to find Lily sitting in the milk on the floor--she had no more reason to be standing--picking up Lucky Charms and marshmallows saying, "mmmmm".  I couldn't stop laughing at the whole scenario which finally made Andrew laugh. :)

~Mondays tend to wipe George out and he crashes early.  Like super early.  Andrew has Scouts on Mondays, so by the time we're back from Scouts, he's crashed for the night.  Last night, Andrew and I got back from Scouts and I went in the bedroom to get the baby monitor, George suddenly woke up from a sound sleep, sat up and said, "Did you start your period?" 

blank stares from me.

"Did you start?"
"No, it's not time. Why are asking?"
"I had a dream you're pregnant."

Andddddd back to sleep.

I could not stop laughing! So out of the blue and I'm not pregnant, not a chance.

But for him to wake out of a dead sleep to ask me was so bizarre.

And because no happy post is complete with a cute baby picture:

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better!!!

    I could just picture that bowl falling over the place haha too cute...

    my husband has done things like that waking up out of dead sleep haha makes me laugh