Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's Go Devils!

I'm taking a break from the last couple birthday posts I have left in me, but will put them back in place when I write them. :)

Yesterday, we went to the Western PA Arizona State University Alumni Chapter's "Sun-Devil Send-Off". Turns out the guy who runs the Chapter, lives 5 minutes from us and Andrew and I actually drive past his house each week on the way to Boy Scouts.  Small world.

I geared up George and Andrew days beforehand and told them this was one of those things they "had" to do because we're a family and we were going. :)   Turns out they had a good time too!

I was again excited to find connection here in Pittsburgh!

Lily was donning her ASU cheerleader outfit, Andrew wore his ASU maroon tshirt and George wore a gold tshirt. We have to get him an ASU shirt!

We answered some ASU trivia questions, talked about how different ASU was in all of our varying times there on campus, talked ASU sports, met a lot of new people and encouraged the freshman heading out next week. :) We had a barbeque, Andrew was able to swim and another ASU Alum had a boy his age too.

It was a lot of fun just getting to know other local people with ties to my alma mater!  George said as we were leaving, "Wow. Really nice people. I'm glad we went. It's been really nice getting to meet and know good people recently."    This made my heart happy, as he's getting a clearer picture of what "normal" is for me. ;) 

We got our future littlest Sun Devil cheering on already!

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