Friday, August 5, 2011


It's fun to let Lily figure out what she likes eating and how she chooses to eat it!

She loves things like dill pickles, mushrooms, tomatoes, green olives.  She prefers chicken over beef, sweet potatoes and peas over green beans. She loves any kind of fruit--lately strawberries and pears have been favorites.  There's nothing she doesn't REALLY like. Some things she prefers more is all.

Spaghetti is one of her favorites. Each bite brings her signature, "mmmm" with that little voice I adore.

It also brings out funny faces as she eats...

how do they start slurping noodles even as babies?

hmmm...all that's left is corn

She ended up with just as much ON her belly as IN her belly! :)

And no we don't typically eat corn with spaghetti, but we were driving past a farm and I wanted fresh corn on the cob even though we were having spaghetti. ;)  It was yummy...Lily just apparently prefers spaghetti over corn.

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