Thursday, August 18, 2011


I haven't felt much like writing.  And of course, as always, I'm behind on...well, pretty much everything.

~Andrew is still in Tennessee with his dad and I find that tends to be ok with me for about a week or so, then I somewhat get into a funk.  So, funk it is right now.  He had a blast visiting his grandparents and aunt, uncle and cousins in South Carolina for a week! I'm glad they did. His dad is good about sending me random pictures on my phone for which I'm grateful.

~George and I have been honestly just relaxing with our party of 3--he, Lily and myself, as Reagan has been in hell with her mom for an extended summer time.  We have watched tv shows without nick or nickjr as options, gone out for happy hour, sat on our back porch, went to picnics, gone out for ice cream, and just enjoyed our quiet time.  It's been nice and uneventful. That's our kind of life and definitely one we don't take forgranted.

~Lily had a great time in Tennessee playing and eating frozen yogurt and meeting new friends. I have more to write and pictures to post from our trip once I find some motivation. She also had her one year photos taken while we were there and I CANNOT wait to see them! Once I get them, that will get its own post and I'll link you to the magician  photographer!  In other news, she's cutting some teeth (again) in a big way and boy oh boy has she been FUUUUUSSSSSSSSSY! I can see 3 molars starting to poke through and then a couple others breaking through.  She's really close to walking, but still decides to drop and! I'm still ok with it. ;)

We have a few trips upcoming this fall and I'm super excited about them! Lots of family and babies all in one place! Now, hopefully someone won't mind keeping us when we visit. ;)  (Party of 4)

~I mentioned previously on a day I vented that George was headed back to court soon.  That came and went unresolved, so back again we go.  I was in Nashville last time at my husband's encouragement to not return early to give any credibility to the motion and crazycakes.  Well, lucky me, I'm home for this next time.  The basic gist of it is to determine which school district Reagan will attend. Her mom is supposedly moving, but hasn't followed the law or their court order regarding notifying George about her move, address or anything else she's supposed to do.  That's the story of her. Do what she wants no matter what.  To me, it's a black and white issue about which school district is better for Reagan. Cut and dry.  Hopefully the judge see it that way too and then we can get the kid in school  So yeah, the hearing is a week before school starts and we all have no idea what school district she'll go to.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

~With Reagan returning to her half week schedule, comes the chaos that accompanies her life with her mom. It's exhausting. I pray for a day when the kid can just love all her family and be allowed to be happy here and there.  To just not worry about lying to her mom to keep her off her back.  And for the record, no 7 year old has ANY business being told it's up to her to decide where she goes to school. However, that's part of the keeping her mom off her back...tell her what she wants to hear about school.  Such is life.  I'm learning to detach.  After more than 4 years, one would think we'd have made progress, but not. at. all.  Can't reason with crazy.

~I won a blog design in a giveaway recently, so soon there'll be some visual changes here too. I'm super excited to see what they come up with! With that, you'll see the return of some writing about all five of us because quite honestly, I just don't care what crazycakes says about my life. So, if she stumbles across my blog, then she does. I'm tired of tip-toeing around her crap. She's never going to create a better situation for Reagan so at least that poor girl will have some documentation of a happy childhood here. Plus, if I need to vent about the stupidity, then I'm going to do it.  Because, oh boy, the stupidity is plentiful.  Just an example, yesterday after a 10 day absence, we were told crazycakes said George was never really  in the army. He "just took a small tour of places he could go."  What exactly is that? Yeah, he was and yes, I really graduated from ASU.    And why tell your kid that crap? 

~I'm finishing thank yous.  The birthday ones arrived while I was in Nashville. THEY ARE ADORABLE! Once I get them out, I'll post a pic here too.

Fussy, teething baby napping = mama shower time.

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