Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1 Year Pictures

One of the reasons, Lily and I went to Nashville and stayed after taking Andrew to his dad's was to have Lily's 1 year pictures taken. 

Our Genne's lifelong best friend, Laurel, is a photographer by profession. You can find her work at She truly has such a gift and I knew I had wanted her to take Lily's photographs.

I have ooh'd and ahh'd over her magical photographs for years as she has continued to hone her craft. She is gifted and captures so much emotion in her photographs.  I've looked at her photos of Genevieve's labor for both of her daughters and I honestly feel as if I'm there when I look at them..

I could not wait to receive my Lily's photos in the mail! And I was even happier than I had expected! She captured so much about my sweet baby daughter. The expressions...all of them are so "her" and who she is right now. The serious, the unsure, the sweet, the happy, the teething, the discovery...ALL of her.  Honestly, I am tearing up thinking about them right now because when I'm able to look back at these photographs, I will be able to see who that one year old baby was in those moments of her life. Such a blessing.

Thank you, Laurel, for sharing your gift.


  1. Steph,

    These are absolutely ADORABLE! Laurel is a great photographer and caught many great moments of Lily, of which I've seen many of those faces through your own photographs! They're beautiful, but not quite as beautiful as Lily. I'm still in love with that girls smile!


  2. WOW! The second one I think she looks exactly like G & I love, love, love the third one. She's a total blessing. I'm so glad she's here & thankful that I get to watch her grow.


  3. Can we talk about how gorgeous those pictures are?? Priceless!