Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Sweet Treat

As the big kids headed off to school , Lily and I once again were back to our days of just us during the day! As much as I love the days with all of them, I do cherish my one-on-one Lily time. I know all too well how quickly that time goes, so I am soaking it up.  Some days we hang in pajammies all day, some days we have playdates, most days involve crayons, books and flashcards.

Andrew had an event for Boy Scouts the evening of the first day back to school. Our job was to take a dessert. I came across a recipe online for a dessert dip I had wanted to try, so this was the perfect opportunity. 

This was a new Mama and Lily activity! I enlisted my littlest sidekick to embark on the CakeBatter Dip!

She wasn't entirely sure what to think...
 but loved dumping the cake mix in the bowl and "stir stir"-ing it.
 And as with any good cook, a little taste was in order

Next, we added in the yogurt and the coolwhip...more stirring and tasting
 This was a cheer mid-lick!

The dip was yummy! We served it at the dinner with little graham crackers, but Lily and I ate some at home with strawberries too.

1 box Funfetti Cake Mix
2 cups non-fat plain yogurt
1 cup Cool Whip {I used light}

Mix together and chill at least 4 hours!

Easy and yummy!