Sunday, September 9, 2012

Boy Scout Camp

On the Fourth of July, we loaded up the car and headed to see Andrew for family night Boy Scout camp.  He left for camp early Sunday morning, the 1st,  after only being home from Tennessee for 3 days. I guess when within your very first month of life you have your first road trip and plane ride, you're destined to be a traveler. :) I was definitely looking forward to seeing him!

Despite the smothering humidity and heat, the drive was nice. We went through places I had never been in Pennsylvania and had wondered where they were. It was about an hour and a half drive with a non-crankypants kid! Lucky!

We arrived at camp after a long drive and a pretty long haul walking in to get to the actual campsite. Next year, we'll be better prepared since we had no idea about that this year.
Lily and Andrew were especially excited to see one another! I had missed him so much since he'd been gone practically all summer long. It's tough though being around a bunch of boys you don't want to gush all over your mom.  I just love this picture can see how genuinely happy he was!
He showed us around the campsite...where he and his tentmate slept, where his patrol cooked and ate, where they hung out and told us what they had been doing. He was definitely enjoying himself, but was a little homesick too.  I had gotten a text from him the first day asking us to bring up his fishing gear when we came.  This was his first time at Scout camp and I don't think he really knew what to expect, so I'm glad he asked us to bring that for him to do.
His tent looked much like his room...
George got Andrew's fishing gear set up during our downtime before supper. Their camp is literally steps from the lake which was so nice. 

 Lily just wanted to be with her brother, so when he was sitting with his friends, she was right there with him as well!
Reagan was thrilled to be able to be there with us too! She had a couple moments where she was mopey and both George and I had gotten out of her that she wanted to do stuff like camp too. We assured her that Girl Scouts do fun stuff and that was in her future!

All the families who came brought some food to share and we had supper together with the Scouts. We were supposed to see a ceremony with the entire camp {there were other troops there as well}, but as we were finishing supper, the severe weather alarms started going off, so the boys went into prepare mode while we made the decision to head home since they were going to reschedule the ceremony until the next day anyway.  It turned out to be a very brief visit for the amount of driving we had done, but so worth it to see Andrew's face and for him to know that his family wanted to be there for and with him.

Wait 'til you see what he looked like when he got home! And be glad you can't smell him...or his gear! A bunch of boys and a week in the dirt...whoa.


  1. what a fun day! I love the pic of him and Lily.

  2. A *loves* camp at Heritage but ive never been up there. Hubs takes 4 days off and goes with him! I have many great memories of girl scout camp though!

    1. Don't they have family day for Cub Scouts too? You should go!