Monday, September 10, 2012

Arizona Here He Comes

Andrew and I were up at the crack of dawn for an 8:40am flight just less than 24 hours after he returned home from Scout Camp.  He was heading to Arizona to visit Oma {my mom} and aunts, uncles and cousins for two weeks. Yay for him!

Bags RE-packed with clean clothes and we were out the door. Lily stayed home with Daddy~ they were both sleeping when we left.

 Fortunately, although he is no longer traveling as an "unaccompanied minor," they allowed me to go to the gate with him to wait until his flight left. We had an easy go through security and not long lines at all. I'd guess due to the early time. ::yawn:: 

Andrew was happy that since he's still a kid he didn't have to remove his shoes through the security line. It's the little things.

Once we headed through security, we were off on the tram to get over to the gates. He enjoys the tram...not so much the pictures, but definitely the ride. Luckily he appeases me.
Pictures with Franco are a tradition...and everyone who comes to visit us does them too!
 Since he is not one to eat when he first wakes up, but that he'd be on a 4 hour flight to Phoenix and there wasn't anything along the way, I promised him a sausage biscuit with cheese {can't forget the cheese, Mom} when we got settled at the airport. Clearly, he was happy.

As we waited for him to board, I went over my list of reminders and quiz questions of "what do you do if..." until he'd had enough and I was satisfied he'd know how to handle himself in a variety of situations. 
I let the woman collecting boarding passes know that he wasn't an official unaccompanied minor, but was traveling alone.  She told him to just make sure he let a flight attendant know if he needed anything.   A hug and a kiss, some tears on my part and he was off.

This flight was a special trip as it was his first time back to Arizona since we moved in 2007. He was looking forward to it and I was for him!


It was not in my life's plan to have a child in a divorced situation where he'd have to fly across the country therefore having my son be seasoned in flying alone. He is seasoned, however.
So for all the judgey mcjudgersons who say "I'd never put my child on a plane alone," --while I may cry every single time he's flown and pray nearly nonstop for the duration of the flight, there are things you have to do that you never planned on doing as parents.

1st plane ride alone
{was excrutiating to send him}


  1. What a little baby!

    I'd panic the entire time. Naturally Haha!

    1. It's hard to look at that picture now and think he was on a plane alone!

  2. I don't know how you do it. I'm nearly in tears just reading about him flying alone...but I'd bet he's the one reassuring you! Kids teach us so much!!! Way to go, Andrew!

  3. He has grown so much since that first solo flight!!!

    1. He was just barely older than Lexie! Can you imagine??? ugh.

  4. I didn't fly alone until I was 19. I loved it, finding my own way around but hated carrying my own bags! (I did not pack lightly!) Glad he gets to and from safely and had a great trip! Love the old shots too!

    1. I was 13. I'm lucky he is who he is and is capable!

  5. Sausage biscuits with CHEESE are also my favorite!! Glad he had a nice trip. FYI...was was not a Judgy McJudgerson, I am sure it was incredibly difficult on your end, but only makes him a stronger more independent person with many exciting life experiences to share! #goodmomma