Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Each year, my husband, son and I spend hours watching the 9/11 coverage on the History Channel, Discovery and every other channel you can find a different "story" or perspecitve on.  George and I tend to reflect on where we were in our lives moreso than physically where we were. Andrew always likes to hear the story that he and I were watching Blues Clues when my friend Genevieve called and asked if I was watching tv and told me to turn it to the news.

Andrew's, 22 month old, choice of words for the day was "dammit," that he'd colorfully express upon seeing the repeated coverage of the planes hitting the building. 

From a 12 year old perspective, I'm guessing his fascination is that it wasn't part of history BEFORE his life, but rather during his life.

In April of this year, Andrew and his Scout troop went on a trip to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Valley Forge and the September 11th Memorial in Shanksville. He said the Memorial was his favorite part of the trip. He read a lot of the information there and shared when he returned home. 

These are some of his photos from that day:


  1. That's awesome He took those pics. Great perspective!

  2. That date in history will forever be frozen in our memory. It is still hard to believe that the tragedy from that day hit so close to "home." My dad was so close to being called in to support the NYC firefighters that week. Gone, but never forgotten.

  3. Very nice tribute! The boy was fascinated yesterday with the History Channel's coverage.

  4. What a nice tribute! I watched the history channel all day on the 11th.