Monday, September 17, 2012

Spray Park Playdate

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One of our playdates this super hot summer was at a local spray park! There are only 3 of them around the Pittsburgh area and we decided to hit one up with all the kids!  It's always good when the big kids are around to help and this was one of the rare times Andrew was home in between his trips this summer!

Lily wasn't so sure about it at first and just ran around the outer edge of the spray pad and would take off towards the park. 

Like I said, having the big kids around totally helps! Tracy and Stef's boys stayed with her on this park escape.

Eventually and with her big brother's coaxing, she was right in the middle and having a ball!


It was a busy day at the spray park and between the 10 kids {of ours}, there were a lot of things going on at one time!

Not to be held back because he's two and the biggest boys are double digits, Logan does everything the biggest boys do.

It was a super hot day where everyone played together, enjoyed cooling off in the water and had a great time!  I always think it's super fun to see all the baby girls together interacting. There's always a lot of laughter on the mom end.

 Lily going in for the side "huggin"

There was resting and eating going on throughout the day as well.

As the day went on, Lily definitely was happily splashing and playing in the water without Andrew to help her anymore.

This was one of my favorite playdates this summer! Lots of fun, sun and friends.  Lily and Andrew both slept all afternoon, but not until after we stopped at Sonic for a slushie on the way home. ;)  It was a happy summer day ~ one of the few days with Andrew home in the early part of the summer!


  1. despite the heat this was a fun day! hoping next year Bre will let go of my legs lol

  2. Sorry we missed it but would have been hard with A still crawling anyway! Great pictures!! I love the one of Lily and Charlie trading secrets!

  3. That was such a fun day! I wish we would have gone back while it was still hot out!