Monday, September 10, 2012

Home from Scout Camp

Three days after we went to visit Andrew at Scout Camp for family day,{you can read about that here too, if you missed the first link. ;)} he came home for not even 24 hours before he turned around and flew off to Arizona to visit Oma for two weeks.

We headed over to the church to pick him up around noon and knew we'd have a day of unpacking, laundry and repacking since we'd be heading to the airport at the crack of dawn for an 8:30am flight.

Lily started squealing as soon as he got out of the car of the people he rode home with and we could see him!

He hugged me and said, "Mom. Seriously. Look at my feet."  Gross.

They had to unload the trailer that carried all their gear before we headed home.  He was exhausted and despite not wanting to unload at home and clean his gear so that I could start laundry, he did just that all while talking about why there were random things like a clothespin in his pocket, ducktape in another, how his camping chair broke and he fell through it, what his favorite part of the week was and that he wanted to go back next year.  I'm glad he had a great time!

And pretty soon this was what life looked like after Scout camp.
Pretty much a success!


  1. glad he had a great time

    and yes EWWWW gross feet! lol

    1. Seriously, he knows I hate feet anyway {except baby and toddler feet} so he was definitely happy to show me! haha!

  2. You're on a roll here! :)

    Your summer made my heart hurt from one momma to another but I'm so glad Andrew had a great time & awesome experiences!

    1. hahahaha! I have to catch up sometime!

      Thank you! It was tough for sure, but surprisingly went pretty quickly overall. He's already got two trips planned for next summer! Gaahhhh!

  3. YUCKY FEET! O_o

    Glad he had a good time though.

  4. That boy had such a busy summer!
    Those dirty feet, though...ick!

  5. Scout camp rocks! Glad he loved it!! There is a time to get dirty...and a time to get clean! Or something.