Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random Stuff & a Winner

~Our schedule has officially become school year super busy. Hockey, Boy Scouts, Brownies, homework, band have officially filled the calendar. We have also added gymnastics for Lily to our schedule as well. {more on that later}

~Two weeks into school and I'm working on getting into my new groove too. Early waking times has been a challenge, but I think we're getting there finally. Maintaining playdates for Lily and also Mom time for me is an important part! Looking forward to brunch this weekend!

~My soul sister, Amy, and I hit up the Halloween release at Once Upon a Child Saturday morning on the hunt for bargain Halloween costumes for the toddler besties, Lily and Victoria. Little did we know, as rookies, that it was be Black Friday-esque type shopping. 

Our plan was to meet at 10am. I got there about 15 minutes early and there was a line of about 30 people outside. As we went in the door, the costume racks were swarmed by moms, grandmas and too many little kids for the amount of space there was. {Amy and I left Lily and V at home, fortunately.}  We quickly figured out the costumes were organized by character or theme rather than size.  There was only one girly princessey rack and as I obstacle coursed my way past the teeny people at my knees without knocking anyone over, one woman grabbed the only Minnie costume in sight.  Another woman grabbed 17 of the princess costumes. Yes, approximately all 17 of the ones left.  Seriously women had a minimum of 6-10 costumes in their hands.  Some of us were looking for one. I moved out of the swarm and went on the search for Halloween shirts and the like and was happy with my finds. I did manage to find one costume tucked away that was inexpensive enough that I picked up in the event I don't find anything else that I truly lovelovelove for the Lilinator.

~After the Halloween costuming, I went grocery shopping...alone! I meal planned and we're all set through next Friday and that my friends, makes for a much easier week for me. And you know when there's this going on, it's always a good time:

I'm looking for new meal ideas though because I'm tired of the same old if you've got favorites, send 'em my way! Please!! I'm begging you.

~Andrew had his first hockey game of the season last 9pm! It was chilly enough to need long sleeves and sweatshirts and fortunately we didn't have any crankypants with the late start time. Sadly, they lost...5 to zip.

~If you could help a girl out and head over to my Facebook page and "like" me, it would be awesome. or something.  It kinda feels like why I didn't join a sorority in college 'cause asking people to like me just isn't my thing. Except in this case. Or when I post it again soon. Go...please.

~Football is finally in full swing!
My Arizona State Sun Devils game was televised last night wooooooo hoooooo! Thank you ESPN! I'm hoping for all the bad press Todd Graham took in Pittsburgh for taking this job at ASU that he'll have a great season and he's just what ASU football needs. I said to my husband last night, "If I'd had the opportunity to go to Arizona or stay in Pittsburgh, you couldn't get me to the desert fast enough, so good for Todd Graham!"   Sun Devil Pride is strong in my house even with the Huz. Goooooooooooooooooooooo Devils!! Fork 'em! Devils 45, Illini 14.

Steelers v Broncos tonight!

The winner of the Crayola Color Wonder giveaway!  Thank you for all your entries!

Congratulations Tracy!! Your prize pack is on its way!!
Stay tuned for a couple other giveaways coming up soon!!

~Welp, supper awaits. It's what's for dinner.


  1. So looking fwd to brunch next Sunday....I wish we lived closer so I could hang out more often!

    1. I wish we did too! Can't wait either!

  2. never knew once upon a child did that!

    yeah for winning!

    1. I never did either...Amy schooled me. :)

      Yay for winning!

  3. Congrats Tracy!

    That sounds like a shopping nightmare! Yikes!

    1. I just didn't expect people to grab ALL of them! Was annoying for sure!

  4. Yay Tracy!! I am excited for the first weekend in September 2013...we will be there early!! Why do ppl need so many costumes? I love the holiday too, but geesh! So just how HUGE was the meat sale? I cannot wait to try the crockpot recipe you sent me, thanks!

    1. Andrew declared that recipe as one of his top 3 fav meals of all time!