Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of Junior High

I cannot believe that today I sent my Andrew off to junior high school!
I can still very vividly remember my first day in 7th grade. It was quite honestly one of my worst days in school EV-ER.  I was, however, greeted at the back door when I got home from the bus stop by my mom who handed me a Sprite and I'm glad THAT is the lasting part of my 1st day of junior high memory. ♥

Yesterday we headed out to get Andrew's know, last minute. Just like right before graduation. ;) His only requirement is "short".  Truthfully, he just likes not having to brush his hair.

We stopped to pick up a couple last minute school supplies while we were out and the rest of the evening was filled with prepping backpacks, organizing school supplies, choosing first day of school outfits and hanging out watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone before showers and bed. 
He was both nervous and excited to start 7th grade which is pretty much what I expected.
Alarm set for 6:20am is nearly an hour earlier than last year, so he was definitely still tired this morning.  I promised him his favorite breakfast this morning ~ biscuits and gravy. That meant I was up at 6:00am and of course, was up too late last night. Of course early rising, was completely worth it when he said, "I like that we have Mom & Andrew time."
Me too, kid.
He ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, grabbed his backpack and out the door we went for picture taking! At this point in his life, he knows the drill and there's no getting out of it. ;) I did cried when we were heading back inside after taking pictures... I just got hit with this overwhelming surge of emotion that my first baby isn't that far from graduating high school. Fortunately, he made me laugh and my almost ugly cry turned to my favorite emotion~ laughing through tears.

  We drove down to the bus stop for today {his choice}. I think he was tired. haha!  I was glad to see a few other kids this year. I think they're all 8th graders, but glad he's not the only one.  Afew minutes later, the bus came and he was off for a new adventure! Here's hoping he has the best first day!!
love you to the moon...


  1. so bittersweet! I love that he said `he loves that you had mom & andrew time`! So sweet!

    hope he had a wonderful first day!

    1. He's such a great kid. Truly.

      Thank you!

  2. I love the new hair cut, he looks so handsome! I hope he had a wonderful first day! (I try to block out all middle school memories as well...)

  3. Happy BTS Day! Looking good young man!!

  4. Way to go, Andrew! Keep heading into new experiences with a smile!

    1. Thank you, Kim! So hard to believe he's grown up so much!