Monday, August 20, 2012

Playdate at the Farm

Before I'm officially the last one to blog about our last complete summer playdate with my friends and our kids, I'd better get it in gear. ;)

All summer we've had standing Thursday playdates that have had varying degrees of attendance depending on all of our schedules, kids and you know... life, but it's been a really enjoyable time for both the moms and the kids.

For the last complete group, we decided to meet at a local farm before Amy headed back to the classroom and Lily's partner in crime, Victoria, wouldn't be there. The rest of our older kids go back to school next week, so we're holding on to this last week of summer!

Lily has been getting up a little earlier lately, which has thrown her schedule off and is also cutting all four of her 2 year molars at once, so she's had some crankypants moments lately. But, despite her wearing those crankypants part of the day, we had a great time with friends! It was a week that I had all three of my kids. ♥

Lily started her adventure out checking out the water where you look for gems in a bag of sand/dirt you can buy. She was just interested in the "wah-lee" water.  {this turned out to be foreshadowing}
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More friends arrived soon. :)
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After all the running and playing, there was an attempt at a baby group shot.  Lily was the lone wearer of the crankypants and there was no hope of happiness even faking from her. Bahahahhahahaha!

group groupb groupa 048


After the meltdown, and right before we were heading out, Lily and her partner in climbing crime Victoria decided they wanted one more water playdate before their summer time was up. :)

These two keep their mamas busy, to put it mildly.
We stopped in at the bakery and got the kids their free cookie before heading home. Lily had a few bites before completely conking out on the way. 

I am so happy to have met these women {and their children} via twitter and blogging and even more happy to call them my friends.


  1. You got some great pictures too!! Love them! What a great day.

  2. That 3rd group shot made me laugh out loud! So cute!

    1. She was a mess! And all I was doing was laughing

  3. Awesome pics! :-) I am glad we are all friends...such a fun day!

  4. awww...she was one tired little girl! what a fun day!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to "see" you ~ I've missed you!!