Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bedtime Banshee

Almost as quickly as I told a friend last week that Lily has had no trouble with naptime after her crib to toddler bed transition, we had trouble.

It was like she knew I had said it was easy and decided to mock me with a banshee screaming temper tantrum. 

Fortunately it didn't last long.  But, then came bedtime. Repeat. Only longer. And getting out of bed, opening the door and coming down the stairs all while screaming like she's in a wicked metal band.

Last night after taking Andrew to the airport, I headed to another consignment sale with Amy. Found a few great things. It seems to be a newer sale, so not much there, but super great prices! I got Lily a lightweight coat, a pair of boots and a Gymboree velvet skirt with attached leggings for $7.00 total.  I went to look for a baby gate, primarily.

When I walked in the door, Lily, in her Halloween pajammie best was dragging herself and her blankie down the stairs screaming like she was in a horror film.  My adoring husband was sitting on the couch, hand on head with a look of defeat on his face.  I know that one. I had it at naptime the other day.

I, fresh from my 5 hours of downtime, gave him a kiss, scooped up the Lilinator and headed up the steps.

I talked to her, read a book quickly, sang her a song, laid her in her bed and gave her a kiss. As soon as I stepped towards the door, the banshee returned. 


I laid her back down and stood next to her bed. She had stopped crying. She rubbed her blankie between her fingers like she does when she's sleepy.  Did the slow blink.  But... kept checking to see if I was still there.  With her sound machine going, I was starting to fall asleep standing there.  Each time I'd start for the door, she'd scream all over again. If I left the room, she'd open the door and come out.  Eventually, I sat outside her door holding it closed while she screamed and tried to open it.

Mind you, sleeping has not been an issue for this one.  Until now, apparently.

After nearly two hours of screaming, crying, carrying back to bed, full body temper tantrums, and pure exhaustion on both hers and my part, she fell asleep.  During this escapade, I decided there was no baby gate bargain that was worth the sanity I was losing. It was established that a baby gate would come to live with us today. At least she would be contained and the trips out of her room and up and down the steps would cease.

For the last few weeks, she's just been waking up at 6:00am and then coming downstairs when she gets up. No one has to be up at 6:00am in our house.  So prior to the banshee appearance the last few days, we had been looking for a gate to keep her in her room in the early, still dark, hours anyway.

Pressure mounted, swing open, walk through baby gate acquired today. 
Clearly, Lily and I have different feelings about this.


  1. I love that last picture! Yay for baby gates!

  2. My house is a gate house. They be everywhere!

  3. A wise investment! That's what we did when Dylan went to a bed at 15 months. I hope it helps!