Friday, October 5, 2012

Steph's Snippets

~Thank you for the support yesterday on yesterday's post. I will do an update soon on the situation. I appreciate you all very much.

~I started off my day today with two separate phone conversations with my ex-husband and former father-in-law. I'm grateful that we have relationships where our interest is simply Andrew and there's minimal, if any, bullshit. Makes life easier. But, still odd.

~Speaking of Andrew, I'm once again putting him on a plane only this time he has to change planes. I'm pretty nervous about it, if I'm being honest.  Thank God for cell phones.  To say I have a stomachache anticipating this is a vast understatement.  His dad is getting married and it's important he is there. He's looking forward to seeing his family which makes him happy and that makes me happy!  I like his dad's soon-to-be wife. Most importantly, Andrew likes her and she's good to him. I should be getting Andrew packed right now, but instead I'm procrastinating as usual. Hey! In my defense, my stomach hurts.

~My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks! Cannot. Wait.

~Lily's Halloween costume has been decided.  Now, Daddy needs to get on the horn, so we're not still constructing an hour before we need it like Andrew's last year.  She's got a couple parties to dress up for before trick-or-treating, so we've got some other costumes ready too. I love Halloween!! Need to get decorating...

~I finally got Lily's 2 Year Pictures done and edited. I need some work on removing shadows from faces. That's my latest photography goal.  I'm am happy with them and the DSLR investment has proven so worth it!  If we're friends on facebook, you've already seen them. My plan for her annual pictures is to have a white sundress each year. I love seeing her grow! When I put a side by side of 1 year and 2 year, I could not believe how much of a baby she still looked like in the 1st. Chubby face, no hair, could only stand for a little bit. Her 2 year are mostly her running!

~Things are great with Reag's mom. Great! Could you ever imagine that I'd say that??? me neither! But I'm happy. Just like with Andrew's dad. It just makes life easier.  And who doesn't need easier? We work out Reagan stuff like normal people. In fact, our current scheduling is based on trust. Not paper.

~I've been hitting consignment sales. Most of 'em with my best pal, Amy. It's the best thing I've found for scoring deals for Lily... mostly clothes, but often toys too. Finding a friend whom you like, have plenty in common with, makes you laugh, listens when you cry and vent, has a baby girl who my baby girl loves and loves bargains like you do???...match. made. in. heaven. 

~Language development and personality coming out of Lily right now is so fun! George and I love it! We crack up so much watching her, talking about her and still find ourselves saying Lily words to each other when she's not around. Yeah, we're pretty much infatuated with this little person we created. 

~I wrote on twitter this morning that I'm at a point in my life where if both sides of a relationship are not putting in the effort, I'm over it. I'm moving on without guilt.  I cannot be all things to all people. If the relationship were of any value {to the other person} anyway, I wouldn't have to be putting forth all the effort in the first place.  Between 3 kids, essentially 3 different households/schedules, a husband and a house, I'm stretched thin as it is, so I need to put energy where it is reciprocated.  For me, this isn't about being busy and not having time to get together or along those lines. If I'm the only one calling, texting, emailing, reaching out and we don't connect unless I'm doing it, the effort is all mine. I don't need that in my life.  I'm not good at fake. So, you won't get placated. I'm simply moving on without guilt. 

~Aside from my friends' blogs I read and love, I want to share with you two of my favs. Not women I know in real life, but whose line of thinking is similar enough to my own that I look forward to reading their posts like a good book.  Jess and Kristen.  I like them equally, so I put them in alphabetical order 'cause I'm weird like that.

Time to get packing...  Happy Friday!


  1. I love "Steph's Snippets"!!! I hope Andrew has a safe trip and a fun time! I hate layovers, I cannot imagine doing it as a kid. I swear he is a mini grownup sometimes, I love it!

    I love Lily's 2 year pictures, you can really see such an improvement in your photog skills (not that they were lacking before, but you just keep getting better!) I am also excited to see Lily in her Halloween costume one-of-a-kind!!

    I have enjoyed our shopping trips and long talks, cheers for great friendships!!

    I agreed it is time to cut the cord on extra baggage, there are plenty of people that want your friendship!!

    1. He is like a mini grownup...too big, too quickly! Airport/layover success. He had time to buy a pretzel and a pop in Baltimore before making his way to his next gate. haha

      Thanks for the kudos on the photog. I just want to take pictures of my {and your} kids. ;)

      Cheers is so right! and #cutthecord on the others!

  2. hope Andrew has a great trip!

    Lily's 2year pictures are so cute!

    While I don't know the entire story, I agree w. Amy plenty of people want your friendship and are deserving you are a wonderful friend and person and anyone would be lucky to call you a friend :) xoxo

    1. thank you! Andrew loves any time he gets with his dad so I'm sure he will love it even a short one!

      Thank you...

  3. I hope Andrew's flight went well! I'm so glad things are going well with Reagan's mom. It's awesome when everybody gets along!