Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghost Foot

Last year my Pinterest eyes were much bigger than my time availability. 


I like the ideas.

And instead of having a bunch of magazines lying around my house annyoing the crap out of my husband, I can keep my ideas at my fingertips. 

I literally pitched over 10 years of magazines a few months ago. Granted I did it when I was angry cleaning, but aside from ONE magazine I wish I still had due to sentimental reasons, I can find everything online.

One of the things I pinned last year was a footprint ghost as decor for Halloween.  I gathered up the supplies I wanted to use. I've seen varying options online, but I wanted it to be on a canvas with a ribbon to hang by.

I picked up the 8x10 canvas at Hobby Lobby.  Cheap! A 2-pack for $5.99. I also picked up a "hairbow" for the ghost too.  I already had black and white paint on hand from other various projects as well as the hanging ribbon, so this was a relatively inexpensive project for me!

Last year I got as far as painting the canvas black. 


I put it away disappointed that I wasn't able to get to it.

This year, I knew it was going to be completed. I pulled out the already painted canvas and figured since it had cured for a year, it would be good to go. 

A few weeks ago, I pulled it out and Lily and I were finally ready. I did a test footprint on a piece of paper. P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Whew! This is going to be cake.  HA! Yeah, right.

First one on the canvas was smeared and Lily was missing a toe.  Not exactly what I was going for...drunkish ghost.

Washed the paint off of her foot and repainted the canvas. Left it to dry.

Yesterday was the day I was ready to return to it.  No wasted perfect foot on a piece of paper this time. We just went for it! 

First try was ok. But I did not love it. And after the time investment, {hello? more than a year!} I wanted to love it.  Washed her foot off and repainted the canvas.  Fortunately we had a sunny-ish, warmer day yesterday, so outside it went to dry and shortly after, we tried again.  This time was successful!! I loved it!

And since I didn't tell Lily what we were making, when she shouted, "A BOAST, MAMA! A BOAST!"  I knew it was "it".  I love it!  Added some eyes, the hairbow, her name and the date and voila!

Easy craft, yes. 

Timeless piece of Lily that I will treasure always made it totally worth the time put in.


  1. love it! I want to do christmas tree w. Breanna this year! I will need to pick your brain once I go to hobby lobby!

  2. "angry cleaning"

    I totally know what you are talking about here! LOL

  3. I'm seriously in love with this and cannot get to a craft store fast enough!

  4. Love it! Ari's preschool did ghost feet and candy corn feet (but I think she wasn't there to do it). Glad Lily got to do this with you.