Monday, October 8, 2012

He's Home!

{Catching up on summer posts still...}

After Andrew's two week visit to Arizona, he returned home on George's birthday.

It was a super hectic time at the airport on my end.

Upon acquiring my gate pass, Lily and I headed down to security, but the line was crazy long and the flight was arriving early. We headed up to the alternative security line that is out of the way and typically not long. Wrong. Lily and I waited a little bit while nervously looking at the time on my phone over and over.

I just knew, we would not make it. 

I headed back down to the main security lines and saw Andrew's flight flashing "Arriving," on the screen.  I sent him a text telling him that if I was not at the gate to come towards baggage claim and I would wait for him as soon as he got off the tram.

It's July, so I'm sweating anyway. Running all over the airport, carrying an almost 2 year old, I'm certain I got my workout in for the day.

Finally, I went to the side where I could speak to one of the TSA agents, explained the situation with my son's flight arriving at the moment and needed to get to the gate. He let me skip the whole line and with a thank you to the people in the front, I hurried through and onto the tram.  Sent Andrew another text telling him to wait at the gate, I was coming! 

Run off the tram, run up the escalator and run to the gate...all while carrying Lily.


Panic is starting to set in.

I called my mom to ask what he was wearing when he left Arizona so I knew what to look for as I
headed back towards the tram. Just as I was about to get on the escalator, I got a text from Andrew asking me where I was and he was at the gate!


Lily and I turned around and headed back towards the gate when finally I spotted him!

Ahhhhhhh safe at last! 

Lily was so excited to see Andrew...and he was just as excited to see her!!

Glad he's home the rest of the summer...I think his baby sister is too.