Monday, May 23, 2011


5.16.11: see how big i can smile?!

5.17.11: give me a kiss with that elvis lip

5.18.11: ooh i love cheerios and yogurt

5.19.11: i love what my brother's reading

5.20.11: i also enjoy movies

5.21.11: i used to keep my arm up my head when i was in mama's belly...
i still sleep that way ♥

5.22.11: this really is my newest way to smile


  1. OK, I just read a synopsis of Dark Fire, and now I want to read it too. :-) Unfortunately, at the rate I'm able to finish books now, my boys will be Andrew's age by the time I have a chance to read it.

  2. Oh my lord Steph, she is just so happy and adorable!!

  3. Look at that big smile! What a cutie!