Friday, May 13, 2011

Sleep Fighter

The teething has turned my normally good sleeper into the biggest sleep fighter EVER! Crankypants all day for sure for two days in a row.  The second night, the crappy naps had finally caught up with her.  See, she has this favorite part of her crib...the corner by the door.  

I lay her down, give her her bunnylovey from Andrew, turn on her sound machine and she turns on her seahorse.  And almost immediately, she laughs and flips over to her belly and crawls.  Umm, sweet pea...mama doesn't think it's so funny. Actually it does crack me up that she laughs first before she does it.

Her second favorite thing to do is pull herself up and stand in her crib, "talking" or fussing until someone comes back in to repeat the cycle. (yes, I know)  So, she heads to her favorite corner and stands up, bouncing and clearly not sleeping. 

Well, day 2 of nap sleep fighting and it was finally bedtime.  Above mentioned cycle took place, only mama didn't go back in to repeat. When I went in to check on her after I thought she was finally asleep, this was how I found her:

She'd made her way into her favorite corner and was so exhausted from two day crap nap, she just fell asleep sitting up! Obviously, I had to grab the camera before laying her down. :)
That'll teach ya kid...nap when you're supposed to.
(next day: nap1- 1 1/2 hrs. nap2 - 2 1/2 hrs.)


  1. I love when they do that mine usually fall asleep in the highchair. Lol

  2. we have a teething sleep fighter right now too

  3. I know it sucks when they don't sleep, but man, the outcome is cute!

  4. Adorable pictures from a yucky situation ... I love mom life =)

  5. She is just so pretty

    Glad she is sleeping better

    that is all