Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Teeth,

Please make your way through Lily's gums, otherwise Mama may end up running for the hills. 
Love, A Mama ready to pull her hair out
I don't do whiny.  Never have.  I'm guessing I never will.  I have a typically happy-go-lucky baby girl who chatters, smiles, laughs all the time.  Cries when she is hungry, tired or gets hurt.  There's never constant crying in our house.  Lucky, I know.  So, so lucky.  Part of it her temperament, but I wholeheartedly believe part of it is that she's been pretty scheduled from the very beginning. Her cues were easy to follow and we've been very blessed.

Yesterday...omgthewhiningneverstoppedanditwaslikenailsonachalkboard.  Nothing made her happy.  I gave her things to chew on, rubbed her gums, medicine, held her, rocked her.  She napped for only like 20 minutes at a time when she normally naps 2 hours at a time.  Misery was top banana.  The only time she was happy yesterday was in the tub before bed.

When she was finally in bed, I sent George a text that said, "I'm glad today's over. Sheesh." ...then promptly fixed myself a margarita.


  1. Love the new look!
    I hope Lily's teeth come through soon!

  2. I definitely don't miss those days. Ok so I do miss it a bit, just not the cranky babies! Soon enough all of her teeth will be in and it will be over.

    BTW-I love the new layout. I really love the pic of you and Lily on the side bar!!

  3. Mamas definitely need margaritas now and then. Glad you had the fixin's and indulged.

  4. I Love your new digs !

    Teething is aweful

    hang in there

    that is all