Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve started off lazily, well kind of.  Andrew wrapped his gifts, Lily had breakfast and watched her morning tv shows, I cleaned and George slept in. Then he headed to pick Reagan up at noon.

When they got back we got ready to go see Santa.  After our mall time, we ran a few errands we had left to run, grocery stored it and headed home to get ready for our Pittsburgh Parents' house.  This was a new event for us this year and we had a lot of fun!  We're so thankful to them for including us and inviting us into their family.

We had a fondue supper which was a first for Andrew and Reag and Lily too, of course.  Reag loved it! She thought it was awesome to cook her own little pieces of steak and bread!
There was a lot of excitement as we celebrated Christmas with grandparents, aunts, uncles and the kids of our chosen Pittsburgh family.
There was a lot of laughs, some pouting, a lot of anticipation and more love than words can express in one room.  We're so thankful to have them and for them to have invited us into their lives. The kids adore them and so do we!  Thanks, Granny and Pappy. You are loved.

The kids have traditional Christmas pjs from Oma to open on Christmas Eve too. They always look forward to it!

Lily had some too, but Mama gave 'em to her early... woops!  Oma mailed them earlier and I was supposed to wrap them up for Christmas Eve, but I just thought they were cutie pjs she mailed her favorite baby girl granddaughter. (Lily's the only baby girl...the other granddaughters are older. ;) )

Merry Christmas to all....and to all a good night!

Andrew wonders why he has a kinked neck some mornings. ha!
My sweet baby Lily (in her cutie reindeer pajammies)
I had to uncover Reag's head to show she was there! She buries herself when she sleeps.
Santa's coming!!!

Happy Birthday, Oma! :)


  1. mmmmm fondue!!! oooh we should do a mommy nite at melting pot!!!

  2. Looks like a great Christmas Eve!