Saturday, December 24, 2011

WHO is This Guy?

We've traditionally gone to see Santa at the mall on Christmas Eve, so why break tradition?  This was the longest we've ever had to wait though and even that was only about an hour.  George wandered with the big kids around the mall for a little bit while Lily and I waited in line.

She was content eating her full-sized candy cane while we waited.  Yep. Full peppermint candy cane.

She kicked her feet up, yawned a little bit and waited.
Daddy and the big kids came back just in time for Lily to get to sit on Santa's lap by herself and then with Andrew and Reagan.
I tried putting her on his lap just facing me and backing away from her still looking at me, but no such luck. She knew she was with someone she did NOT want to be with.
I could not stop laughing. It did not get any better at all and I just snapped away with my camera cracking up the whole time. George was trying to get her to smile and stop crying up near the Santa camera, but she wanted no part of any of it.

 Even when Andrew and Reagan finally sat with her, she closed her eyes like she does when she thinks you can't see her.
See the box of candy canes right near Andrew's leg?
After the Lily screaming by herself pictures, when we added in the big kids, she was still crying and trying to get away, so while Andrew tried to wrestle hold her still, he and she knocked over the entire box! Candy canes went flying all over the floor! I could not stop laughing as I was trying to get them picked up and put the display back together. I wish someone had gotten that on video because it was hysterical. Screaming kid, flying candy canes all for one picture.  I'm betting Santa didn't find the whole scene as funny as I did.

I'm thankful Andrew appeases his mama and sat with Santa this year. Reagan is still a believer, so she's a must and she didn't visit him this year except with us.

Lily's perfect professional shot: She's sitting just like a big girl with her legs all straight doing exactly what she's supposed to be doing. :)  I think this will go down as one of my all-time favs.  We'll see how next year goes though.


  1. Oh my goodness. So perfect. I love all the photos and the stories behind them, haha

  2. I love me some screaming baby Santa pics!

    Yay to Andrew for going with the flow for his Mama!

  3. Totally priceless. My daughter is 16 and when we were at my mother's over the holidays, we found a picture of her screaming on santa's lap... she was about 16 months old. LOL

  4. I've been meaning to post our Santa pictures from this year. Now I have to.

    I would be laughing too. I expect full video next year. ;)

  5. haha love this! screamin santa pics ARE the best tho