Friday, December 2, 2011

Just a Little Brain Vomit

*heavy sigh*

I don't even know where to start really.  So, I'll just dive in and see what comes out.

~Life is pretty busy right now and only getting busier in the next few weeks.... BUT I am hosting my very first giveaway coming up next week that I'm VERY excited about!  So all you mamas and friends and friends who are mamas who are as into pictures of your kids and family as I am...stay tuned!  Look for it Monday because I can't wait to share!

~I started my physical health journey and I feel pretty good about it. I'm going to write more about this in a post by itself. For this non runner, I'm committed to this program I've begun despite the place I went to run's track having construction going on and the convenience store I stopped to get water getting robbed days later. ha! I don't take those as signs to quit, but rather to be flexible and have alternate plans.  If you haven't watched The Tillman Story on A&E, find time to do it. I have so much admiration for his family and of course as a fellow Arizona State Alum, the Pat Tillman Run is something I'm going to get behind.

As far as the mental health journey of that post, writing is such a good release that I will continue to do so with regard to dealing with Reagan's mother.  The once a week post may be LONG and sometimes simply a rant, but it is mine and necessary.  I simply shake my head at the crap that I hear randomly from Reagan about us.  The last minute thing today before leaving for the weekend was that her mom isn't going to let her help take care of their new baby like she totally takes care of Lily here.  Whatever, Crazycakes.  I'm Lily's primary caretaker and I like it that way.  There are a billion reasons why we do not let Reagan take care of Lily, so once again, you're wrong.

~The sickness continues.  George went to the doctor early last week after all the coughing and difficulty breathing and is FINALLY starting to feel better after what seems like an eternity. Reag still has her stuffy nose and cough. Lily has caught on to the runny nose (mostly teething clear runny-ness) and slight cough too. Andrew's hanging in like a champ staying healthy. My nose and head are starting to get stuffy after all these months. :(

~Lily has zero interest in being "contained" now that she finally decided walking is her preferred method of mobility. She is content to walk and just walk. She's started "running" a little bit too. It's become increasingly difficult to catch pictures of her because she's off and going before I can get her on camera.  Same holds true trying to hold her to get a picture. She wants down! 

This is evidenced below with my sweet nearly 85 year old grandmother and I trying to get a picture together with Lily.  She's saying "nooooooooooo" which is her new favorite word in situations like this.  And yes, it's that elongated and emotional too.  If she's just saying "no" short and sweet it's, "nope", but for something she really doesn't want to do..."Noooooooooooo"!

'Cause you see when she finally gets's what you get ~ happy, cheesy grins. She's a pistol.

~Andrew had a great visit with his dad and family in Tennessee. I'm glad to have him home, of course and we definitely missed him over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I'm so happy he really enjoyed himself with his dad, stepmom and grandparents. Knowing it's only a month before he sees his dad again, made for an easy transition to come back home too. :)   Birthday post to follow soon since we're doing his family birthday party this weekend! He had a great birthday dinner in Tennessee on his 12th birthday:

Okie dokie I gotta get the Punky Pie fed.   Catch up more soon!


  1. You look so good in the pic with your Grandma! As does your Grandma! I love Lily's face - hysterical - it captures this point in her development!! :)

  2. I hope you all feel better soon!
    I absolutely love Lily's outfit in that picture. She looks adorable!