Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Pregnancy PhotoBook

I mentioned that I'm always running behind on stuff.  Like Christmas cards.  Ahem. They're going out tomorrow. :) (along with 2010 cards & Lily's birth announcements)  Well, they're adorable and I'm still sending them, so family and friends end up with a random "good mail" day instead of just bills and junk. 

In addition to being THAT far behind on things, I just completed a pregnancy book. Yes, for my pregnancy with my 17 month old. 

Someday I may catch up.


  1. Love the book! Yours is waaaay more detailed than mine, there are soo many things I should have added, ugh. Oh well, I will know for the next babes. Nice work, Lil will love reading it when she is older.

    *Almost commented asking how to see a larger verison of the book and then read the "Click here to view.." Yeah, I am smart.

  2. This is an awesome idea! It will be great to look back. Great work!

  3. Love it! These things always make me cry *sniffle* I barely looked pregnant so I didn't take but like two belly pictures! Haha

    Better late than never .... my philosophy always. :-)

  4. i love this!! I wish i wouldve done somethin like this!!