Monday, November 19, 2012

Picking Pumpkins 2012

One of my favorite things about Fall is going to pick our pumpkins at a local farm. This year, we picked a weekend where the weather was unusually warm and off we went. My objective is to get good pictures. Andrew, Reagan and George's objective is to get good pumpkins. Lily's is to run run.


Since it was super warm it definitely was busier than it's been in the past, but worth the wait. While we waited in line, the older two climbed up a big hill while Lily looked back at me annoyed that she couldn't go with them.

The line to wait only seems long when you're trying to wrangle a two year old, right?

Finally the hayride wagon was coming for our turn! A little redfaced later since it was much warmer than even I'd expected.

Andrew and Reag always like to start out with the corn maze while we wait at the end for them. Lily had other ideas this year and took off in after them which meant George had to head in after her. :)

Next up comes the posed picture time so when I'm old and gray I'll remember where we went!

Eventually we found someone to take a picture of all of us.  But, we only got this one. ;)
It was difficult to get a picture of Lily with the pumpkins this year because all she wanted was her apple from the hayrid which was fine with me because that is exactly what this year was for her--the yummy apple to eat.

Andrew always picks his out quickly, while Reagan tends to take a little longer to find her perfect pumpkin. The rule is, however, you have to carry your own.

Trying to get a picture of my kids with their pumpkins proved to be somewhat challenging, but entertaining.
Poor Andrew gets a lot from his baby sister and this time was a headbutt. :)

Pumpkins acquired and it was time to head back on the hayride.  We were hot, hungry and tired, but we managed to remain in good moods, thankfully. 
My oft grumpy tween managed to provide my favorite quote of the day as we were leaving... "I'm glad we're not the kind of family who just gets their pumpkins from the store."

Til next year...


  1. Lily & Andrew cracked me up! I also love how Reg is trying to avoid the meltdown hahahaha!

  2. Such cute pictures!
    I love the comparison one on top. My how she's grown!

  3. I love that the family was all themed out for the pumpkin patch! (looks like G has a favorite orange shirt)Great pictures & memories!