Monday, November 12, 2012


Well, after our mall trick-or-treating {which we will never be doing again} we had our town's rescheduled trick or treating on Saturday after Halloween!  With the weather issues, we had decided Lily's original costume wasn't going to work out, so we had to resort to our back up{s}. It had gotten really cold, so I went with the warmest of the three choices.  My sweet little flower, went as a flower.

Andrew decided last minute to reuse a costume from a couple years ago and since we were in a different neighborhood, it worked out! He went as the Headless Horseman.

Reagan was supposed to be with her mother for trick or treating, but with it being rescheduled for us, she got to do both! Score!  Her costume lit up blinking with blue lights which was really neat! She went as a "dark bride."

We stopped over at our next door neighbor's house first to show off the kids...she adores them! Lily made herself at home, of course, and just went inside.


We headed over to Granny & Pappy's to trick-or-treat and just the kids and I headed out. Daddy was working and Oma decided her Arizona attire wasn't warm enough and she opted to pass out candy with Granny & Pappy and stay warm. 

Lily was afraid of her new wagon at first and was simply content to run from house to house saying "Chicken Treat!" which I love so much!!


Andrew was glad I had the wagon, so we could dump his bucket in and he could refill.
the haul

After I put Lily in the wagon, under protest, to keep moving along as we were all getting tired, she was content to ride and eat her Fritos.

About an hour and a half of freezing cold later, we headed back to Granny & Pappy's to pick up Oma and go home. The kids and I really enjoyed ourselves and the atmosphere while we were out was happy and festive. Many people sat outside in their yards often with bonfires and greeted the kids as they came up oohing and ahhing over how cute Lily was, how pretty Reagan looked and how awesome Andrew looked!  After the scariest trick or treat ever at the mall, the postponing of neighborhood trick-or-treating, we ended up having a really great time this Halloween!

Someone had an exceptionally good time...
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  1. I just love that costume. she is so sweet.

    Reagan looks pretty...I love Andrews cool.

    I am glad you had a great time especially after the mall incident!

    1. Thank you!! We did have a really great time!

      And no. more. mall.

  2. What a fun night! I loved all 3 of their costumes!
    And, I agree with your above comment about no more mall. EVER!

  3. Wagon: best idea ever! I wish I'd had one for TorT this year!