Tuesday, November 13, 2012


One of my favorite parts of toddlerhood is the language.  The explosion of words, phrases, sentences, questions, interpretations...well, you get the idea.  I lovelovelove it!

I write the cute and funny Lily-isms down so I don't forget. Well, let's be honest, I keep them in my "notes" in my phone.  And nearly a year later, I discovered just last night that said notes are in my windows live mail on my computer. I had no idea. And still have no idea how that's all synced up. Whatever. At least I know I won't lose them. 

One of those Lily words is "punt-kin".

I apparently also give birth to children who upon learning to speak enunciate extremely well, as she really says it almost as two separate words. Andrew was also a super enunciator too.

We went to a birthday party of one of our friends and she got her very own little pumpkin and thus began her love of pumpkins. She carried that little thing around everywhere. Wanted to sleep with it. It sat with her on the couch. She put it in her cozy coupe as she drove around. Put it on her kitchen when she "cooked".   "Lily's punt-kin," she'd tell us. Sweet girl.

When it came time to carve our pumpkins, we had some logistics withe schedules and weather to contend with. Before the SuperStorm Sandy decided to delay everything and devastate parts of the East Coast, we had a week of really warm temperatures which prevented us from carving our pumpkins too early. Reagan's schedule was such that she was with us that warm week and closer to and including Halloween, she was at her mom's. She wanted to be sure to get hers carved, so she did hers at the last possible moment before she left, hoping it would last.  It did.

The rest of us decided with delayed trick-or-treating that we'd wait until Oma got here from Arizona since she arrived late Halloween afternoon.

Well, we didn't end up carving Halloween night because we were all tired, but we remained festive with our supper of chili and mummy hot dogs. Punt.kin carving would have to wait another day.

George and I, in our his old age, kind of dread the intricate carving which leads to hand cramps takes forever and have been happy Andrew and Reagan are able to carve on their own. G cuts the top off, they scoop the seeds and goop and carve. This year, I scooped and carved Lily's.  And after I was nearly done {of course}, George remembered how we did a pattern much easier in the past. We used to use an exacto knife to get the pattern onto the pumpkin, then sharpie over it before cutting. {I'm writing this here so I don't forget next year when I inevitably come back to reflect} 

Lily's current fav tv show is Team Umizoomi! I love that she loves it since it's all math based~numbers, patterns, problem solving.  The main characters are Millie, Geo and Bot. Millie and Geo are brother and sister and Bot is well, a robot.  I found patterns for all of them and decided I would carve Millie.

Andrew worked on a pattern that he had chosen from on of our books and sadly fell victim to the inevitable, "Do I cut this part out or do I cut that part out?"  The part that he cut was not the part that should have gotten cut.  Thank God he's 12 and has a sense of humor. He was bummed, but was at least able to laugh with us eventually.

Oma went the easy route entirely.

I won by default...simply choosing Lily's favorite.


  1. I love toddler talk! Bre is crazy talker now.

    I love the mummy dogs!

    You do win an award for that carving...I am leaving that up to Brad next year lol, we cheated this year and just painted

  2. Punt-kins rock! Great job! (I'm with Oma Lol)