Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Lily-Pop Reward

Late last week before Lily got in the tub, I put her on the potty because I could tell she was trying to poop.  I gave her my phone to do her flashcards while she sat there and we sang songs when she was bored with the flashcards.  No business completed.  She hopped down and while I was still sitting on the floor, she walked past me to get out of the bathroom, patted me on the back and said, "Get a diaper, Mom."

Ok kid. You know exactly what you are doing.

Yesterday when I woke up and decided we were going to just try to get this process moving along. I brought up the potty chair out of the basement, cleaned it up and put it in the livingroom. I gave her her new cup where the straw doesn't come out {score!} of water and set her down on it. I hyped up going potty and turned on her favorite show.  Pretty soon she peed.  Wooooo hoooo!

Upstairs we headed to wash hands and get her Minnie Mouse undies on.  We came back down and she got a "lily-pop" {lollipop}cheering, high-fiving and dancing happily around...both of us!

Minnie undies got wet pretty quickly as did the couch, so we changed them and cleaned up.  A little bit later, she started to pee in her newest Minnie undies and quickly ran over to her potty chair, pulled down her undies and sat down to pee.  Win! Another "lily-pop" for the happy girl!

I cleaned up the floor and decided to leave her undie-free for a little while.  That worked. She headed over and peed on the potty when she had to!  Lots of cheering, high-fiving, woo-hooing and dancing going on in this house yesterday morning!

We headed out to run a few errands with Daddy, so we diapered up--I'm not that brave on day one.

When we got home, it was naptime. She napped and then we were right back to it. After her nap, her diaper was dry too! She ran around sans undies and peed on the potty once again! "Lily-pops" for the win!

Clean undies back on to try that avenue once more and a little bit later I saw her making a beeline for her pooping hiding spot. I said, "Let's go on the potty!" She said, "Ok!" and headed up the stairs instead of the pottychair in the livingroom.  She didn't make it though, but happily helped me flush and wash her hands.  The attempt is a win in my book.

She peed on the pottychair one more time before bedtime while she was sans undies for a grand total of 4 times on the potty, one couch pee and one floor pee for day one. 

So far this morning, she started to pee in her undies and quickly ran to the pottychair to finish and has gone one more time in the potty.  She's super proud of herself! I'm thankful for legwarmers to make this easier!

Here's hoping that we have continued success as we navigate a new milestone for our baby girl!

...and thank God for the big bag of Dum-Dums I picked up after Halloween and I don't even care that she's having a lily-pop at 8:00am!
day one


  1. I can't even imagine potty training. Go you!! And "GO" Lily!!!

    Love you friend, always.

  2. That is awesome!!! Way to go, Lily. And, seriously, Lilypops is one of the cutest terms ever.

  3. I love Lily pops!! I am glad she is doing so well on the first day! She is one smart girl! Good Luck!!