Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So What!

Today I've decided to link up with Life After I Dew for her weekly "So What! Wednesday" since I've got some randomness going on inside my head.

So.... I'm say So What If:

~I'm so sick of Super Why that I tell Lily they're asleep and can't come out.

~I am so far behind in blogging that I have yet to do Lily's 2nd birthday post...from July.

~Had a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast today because I'm of the generation where Bill Cosby made it ok to do it.

~I still have a residual pumpkin on my mantel and on my porch. It's November.

~Let Lily spend most days in pajammies and she's finally started asking to "get dressed, Mom".

~I'm the worst at conglomerating emails on my computer. It drives my husband crazy.

~I wish I were real life friends with Jimmy Fallon. I've loved him for years and he makes me laugh even when I don't feel like it.

~I deleted hundreds of pictures from my computer last night. It was cleansing. {note: I keep everything, so this was huge...see email statement above.}

~I get excited when realizing that Bot's voice on Team Umizoomi is Joe from Blue's Clues. See also: I need to get a life.

Happy Wednesday!  I have two great giveaways coming up this week!! Be sure to check back! And if you haven't yet done your Christmas cards...tune in tomorrow hint hint.
So What Wednesday


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    1. Andrew was a huge Blue Clue's fan so I'm pretty partial to Steve for that and like Joe as Bot!