Friday, May 24, 2013

Hormones are No Joke

Pregnancy is seriously weird.

I find myself ready to either smash someone's face in or I'm a blubbering mess over nothing.  It's annoying.  Even to me.

Case in point.

A couple days ago, George and I were moving a new bed into our room, getting rid of Andrew's and moving our old bed into his room.  Sounds simple enough.

Not too long before that I was watching the news coverage about the Oklahoma tornadoes and also about a Phoenix police officer killed this week.  The officers daughter was graduating from kindergarten and hundreds of police officers showed up to her school to watch her graduate that day. It was moving and I was emotional about it.

For lots of reasons. 
I have an affinity for kids...especially kindergarteners.
It's almost the 18 year anniversary since my own dad died.
I'm pregnant and hormonal and everything makes me cry.

As we were moving the old bed out of our room and sweeping up the dust that was under the bed {keeping it real, folks}, we ended up getting into a ridiculous argument.  And of course, in the middle I started crying.  I full on own that I was the one yelling and crying while trying to explain my point.

After a few more moments of ridiculousness, George said, "I don't want to fight with you about putting a bed together. I'm sorry."  As I was explaining what I was mad about, I kept on crying, saying how annoying it was even to me that I can't help the waterworks. 

G with a vacuum in his hand, me with a broom I'm sure he thought I'd ride away on, standing on opposite sides of the room, all the while I'm just blubbering mess trying to explain all of this.  He laughed and I laughed.  He's lucky he laughed in an okay moment though hahahahaha!

I cannot wait until we have this baby.

Thankfully I have a husband who loves me and does his best to be understanding to my crazy.


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  1. This sounds like me to a T when I was pregnant, and Brad would say the same! At least they are understanding!

    miss you! hope to see you soon