Friday, May 17, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty busy. Mostly with the end of the school year activities and lacrosse.  Of course, add in pregnancy exhaustion and a rambunctious 2 year old and I'm spent.

I'm definitely looking forward to summer and less we "have" to do and more of "want" to do.  Doesn't that sound divine???

Not that we won't be busy with other things, but more of the "want" stuff.  June is almost completely booked already.

~One of Lily's favorite things to do lately is "build a fire wif Daddy."  Just a little backyard fire in the firepit to sit by and/or roast "smarshmellows."  She loves it!  Last weekend, we had a cold front blow back in and Lily asked for her fire.  Daddy obliged. She helps him stack up sticks to throw in it beforehand and then throws them into the fire when he asks.  They're adorable and I'm so glad she loves it! She is definitely becoming more and more of a Daddy's girl.

"hi mommy!"

~Andrew had his last band concert of 7th grade recently.  I'm glad he likes band and wants to continue playing in the future.  Marching band starts in 8th grade here. After his one introduction to it last Fall, he is excited to join marching band next year as well as continue in concert band! Awww, my well-rounded kid. Band geeks, unite!

right in the middle of the pic

~Like I said, lacrosse has been a big part of life the last few months. Practice Monday through Friday and if there's not practice, there's a game.  Coming up this weekend, the boys have an all-day tournament, so we're preparing for a long day! It's been fun to learn a new sport! Even Lily loves "the cross." We found her a plastic little lacrosse set one day and she was in heaven! She loves to watch and yell for her "Bubby!"


~A few weeks ago, I got a fetal heart doppler for home just for peace of mind.  I used it the day I got it and found her briefly and decided to wait until after my next appointment so I could ask some questions before trying again.  Turns out, I was distinguishing correctly between my heartbeat and the baby's, so that was nice! I have an anterior placenta {all in front} which makes it difficult to feel movement, so as of 18 weeks yesterday, I still don't feel her move.  I check in with the doppler and will find her then she'll thump against it and move around.  It makes me laugh because she's super active and George says she's trying to get away from me pushing on her space.  But, I hate that I still can't feel her.  Booooooooooooo

~Speaking of baby girl i2, she's got a first name, still no middle.

~George knew I had been wanting to see the movie This is 40 for a long time.  Of course, it was coming out right around the time I was turning 40. Well, duh.  We redboxed it the other night and finally watched it last night.  He's not a Paul Rudd fan at all, so definitely not something he would have picked to see, but we both really enjoyed it.  We laughed pretty hard a lot of the movie! If language offends you, it is not the movie for you, but the marriage stuff,  stupid fighting and the sibling stuff was so true!

~The weather has been warmer for the most part, so we've been outside a lot! Park playdates, backyard playing, hitting up the playground at lacrosse games, going to friend's houses. After the longest winter EV-ER, it's been so welcomed! 

~We're wrapping up 7th and 3rd grades in our house. 
7th grade for Andrew has been great!  His grades are excellent! His social life is what I'd like to call "actual 13 age appropriate." He hangs out with friends sometimes, usually playing video games or some sport. Most often it's actually playing Xbox online with his friends. He's not interested in the crowd who just hangs out at the mall or the roller rink.  He says, "I don't understand it. They're not doing anything."  I'll remind him of that in a few years.

Earlier this year, when he had a specials teacher think he did something he did not do, the assistant principal asked him what happened and he explained his point of view. She then asked him what his core teachers would say about him if she asked them and looked up his grades before she called me with him still in the office with her. She told him {and me} that she had no reason not to take him at his word and would be giving him the benefit of the doubt.  It was a great lesson for him about being trustworthy.  That was the only "incident" of the year.   I can't believe he will finish up junior high next year and my boy will be in high school soon!

3rd grade for Reagan has been pretty good too.  Her grades are also excellent and she is successful in her classroom.  There is inevitably drama with girls and she gets her feelings hurt easily as she tries to be friends with everyone.  It's going to make the teen years rough, I'm betting! She does have a very good friend who has been in her class the last two years and also in Brownies with her. She has gotten to spend a lot of time at her friend's house this year--spending the night and being involved in normal 9 year old stuff. It's been good for her to see another family's dynamics outside of her own. We really appreciate the mom of her friend, as she truly adores Reagan and puts up with all of Reag's scheduling. :)  

~There's also been a lot of this going on the last few weeks:

Let's Go Pens!!!
Happy Friday!


  1. I love that Andrew can be a jock and a band geek and that he is not interested in being a mall rat..ha! Love Lily on the fence and fire with daddy is a keeper!

  2. Cant wait for summer play-dates! That picture of lily on the fence is too cute.

    I always thought about getting one of the home Doppler but the ones I found were always so expensive. glad baby girl is doing well!!

    miss you girls, hope to see you soon!