Sunday, May 19, 2013

Toddler Bestie Playtime

Lily's bestie,Victoria, recently got a new swingset for their yard and sure enough we headed over to try it out.  It's always entertaining when 2 year olds get together. 

The girls were excited to play outside, as they always are! 

Having a great swingset with so much to do right in your own backyard, these two were in heaven! At the top there's a telescope, a chalkboard, and a steering wheel.   Of course, they each had to be doing what the other was doing at the exact same moment.  Lily had a blast exploring her best friend's new "playground!"


After a little while, he headed up to the back deck and the girls played up there. Mostly making messes, throwing balls, jumping and falling down. 

I love that they love each other and the joy for life that these two amazing two year olds have just shines through them. They both bring me a lot of happiness and I feel so very blessed that Victoria and her mama are in our lives! Great friends are not easy to find and Lily and I are lucky we found a matching set. :)

The afternoon was not without toddler temper time...Lily wasn't interested in holding Victoria's hand and let her know and Victoria was not always happy about sharing her new swingset.  They're learning to navigate their world and with two headstrong little ladies, it always proves to be entertaining! 
Thanks for having us over, V and Amy! We're looking forward to lots of summer fun in your yard!

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  1. They seriously are just too cute!!!

    I love the one in the playhouse