Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life Lately

Lately, I've been trying to keep busy to keep myself from succumbing to the doldrums of winter. Playdates, birthday parties, mom and daughter dates, date nights with my husband, building pillowforts, playing in the snow, and lots of other family activities planned.

For now a little recap on the crew:

George and I made a commitment this year to spend more one-on-one time. With his work schedule and having 4 kids, we've made this a priority.  Some times it's just hanging at home watching a movie while often it's going to watch a Penguins game at a place near our house, sharing an appetizer and a Blue Moon. One week we decided to clean out a couple of storage closets--doesn't that sound like a fun date?! We've been doing a lot of talking and growing with one another recently. It's been good for us and I love having uninterrupted time with my husband!  He's also been researching and obsessing planning  about a big hunting trip he's taking this fall. He even tests out his equipment with the girls. :)

We scheduled Lily's kindergarten registration appointment and George and I went to a kindergarten curriculum forum recently. I cannot believe she's old enough to start kindergarten this coming Fall! Though I do love hearing stuff she knows that I didn't even realize she knew.  She recited the Pledge of Allegiance the other night in the bathtub, she counted by 2's to 20 yesterday on the potty, and is all about rhyming words these days.  My little girl is growing up too quickly! She's at such a fun age and I'm savoring this time with her.  We went to Disney on Ice last week~ just she and I. The show was Princesses and Heroes. Anna & Elsa, Rapunzel & "New-gene"--she loved it! Full post coming soon.

Andrew and I went to his freshman band banquet at the end of January. It was such a nice time! It's held at banquet hall, a buffet style supper is served, awards are given out, each class is recognized with a pin for their letters that they receive as 2nd year members. We have gone together just the two of us the last two years. I appreciate the one-on-one time with him also as spending some time connecting with him is at a premium.  He's doing fantastic in school and we couldn't be more proud of him! He ended his first semester of high school on the high honors honor roll--all As and 2 B+s. This semester he is maintaining all As so far and those B+s made him mad. He decided not to play lacrosse this year for a variety of reasons. I enjoyed lacrosse a lot, but I'm grateful for an easy spring.

Violet has been growing and entertaining us and testing us.  She is full-on toddler tornado and opinionated, stubborn, sweet, and funny. She's still super happy most times unless she's not getting her way, of course. Or more realistically she's just tired or hungry.  She is very lucky to have such a patient big sister because one of her favorite things to do is pull Lily's hair or her glasses off. This happens mostly in the car because they sit next to each other in carseats.  We've introduced timeout as a result.   I may or may not often say if she were my first, she'd be my only. ;)  While I can't imagine life without her, she is by far my most challenging baby at this age.  She colors on the wall, gets into cabinets, puts things in her mouth then walks over to you to make sure you see her do it like "ha ha, I'm doing this anyway."  She definitely keeps us on our toes.  She loves music so much and has been singing part of "Let it Go" from Frozen for awhile now.  Every time she sees something with Elsa or Anna or Olaf, she starts singing it. And let's face our house, there is A LOT of Frozen stuff. It's really cute!

Reagan has joined a theater group (think show choir type) this semester which she has been loving! It's been something feasible for her since it only falls during the weekdays which is when she is here with us. There's no fear with missing stuff on her mom's time. We're glad she's enjoying it and look forward to the show they're presenting near the end of April. She's also excelling in school, in the GATE program (gifted and talented education), does reading enrichment as a reader at a 12th grade level, plays the flute in band, and also ran for student council.  For the last 4 or so years, we have had Reagan during the school week only and we are so proud of the level of desire she has invested into school. She knows that school is her number 1 priority and is encouraged, supported, and knows that we value education in our home.  She still struggles socially and we're hoping that we can figure out a more balanced custody schedule for her to participate in activities, regularly spend time with friends, and be able to be involved in our family's social activities as well. Her mom lives about 30 minutes away and not in our school district. It's tough with us having weekdays and her mom weekends. It's going to become more difficult in the next couple years for her as she starts and finishes 6th grade and transitions into middle school.  We just want her to be "well-rounded" and set for being able to handle the typical stuff that comes with early teens and not playing "catch up" with social skills and activities that she's never participated in or had. So here's hoping for something more balanced!

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