Sunday, March 1, 2015

Valentine's Day with Red Pack

This year we celebrated Valentine's Day over the entire weekend. We had our traditional pink heart pancake and pink milk breakfast that morning, but postponed our "fancy" Valentine's supper until the next night. Andrew had plans with his friends at night on Valentine's Day and George had to work, so we planned on it that way this year. Breakfast was a success!

One of our favorite family meals is chicken parmesan! I always make two big dishes of it to freeze some and have some leftover for lunch. We decided to have that to celebrate love day for our family as our supper.  I have an easy peasy recipe that I make that has made my family happy. Generally, I use our local store brand tomato sauce or tomatoes. This time I didn't share with anyone that I had used any different ingredients and no lie, they noticed. My husband is one of the pickiest eaters ever, so when he says "I don't know what you did different with that chicken parm, but it was more delicious than ever," I know I have found something to stick with!

Redpack tomatoes was the difference! Redpack tomatoes are grown in the Midwest, where true seasons positively impact flavor-with just the right angle of the sun, perfect temperature, and soil that seems made for growing tomatoes.

Redpack sent me a kit with a few cans of different tomato options to make some of their fun, Italian recipes featuring Redpack tomatoes that are great for celebrations, big or small! You can find these recipes at

Right now Red Pack is having a celebration of Italian Carnevale and sharing that love with you and chances to win a Redpack tote bag– a total of 3,000 tote bags! There will also be a grand prize winner that will win a pasta stock pot, pasta-related serveware and Redpack products. The total value of the prize is more than $300! Enter on their facebook page for your chance to win! (This runs through March 4)

I'd say RedPack is now our new go-to for tomato products based on my family's reactions!

Disclosure:  I was provided products in exchange for this review and post.  All opinions are my own. Please see my full disclosure. 

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  1. Everyone looks so happy! Delicious lookin' dinner, too!