Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The First Day of Spring!

Spring kicked off last Friday with a few snow flurries, of course.  Seems par for the course for us the last few years.  A super cold, long winter and a tease of a day or two of sunshine and slightly warmer weather then back to frigid and snow.  Figures!

The girls were in a great mood that morning and excited about the snow. :)

Lily had a fun, special day at preschool on Friday. Pajamas and Pancakes!

photo courtesy of preschool

After we picked Lily at school, we headed to Rita's Italian Ice for our annual first day of Spring treat! Rita's offers a free Italian Ice on the first day of Spring each year and we go no matter what the weather!

Andrew had SourPatch cherry, Lily had cherry, Violet had birthday cake, and I had s'mores! Violet was completely uninterested in anything else except her Italian ice.

Lily told Daddy that she wanted to make me a birthday cake, so later that evening that's just what she did.   When we were at the grocery, she picked out what kind she wanted to make and told me it needed lots of sprinkles on top too! I love how excited she was to do this and continued checking it in the oven also.  She went to bed and George went to work, so frosting had to wait until the next day.

 Frosting and decorating the cake was entertaining!  I am one lucky mama!

 Perfect cake!  {Yes, there is an Elsa/Frozen section of sprinkles, of course}

Happy 1st day of Spring!

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  1. It looks like you had a nice day! I ALWAYS forget about the free Italian Ice at Rita's. That cake is definite sugar overload, but I love how she wanted to make it for you!