Friday, March 20, 2015

Princesses & Heroes, Disney on Ice- part 2

In case you missed Part 1 

We hurried up out of the seating and found our place in line for the snow cone Lily wanted.  There was an Olaf head or an Anna & Elsa cup available to choose from and she opted for the Anna & Elsa cup.  We could have purchased the commemorative Olaf spoon for an additional $4 of course, but we opted for the regular straw and spoon.  She was so happy!

 From the moment we arrived in the arena, Lily had her heart set on a light up wand.There were a few to choose from, but she saw the one she wanted and her mind did not change at all. So, we waited in line after getting her snowcone to get her wand. I liked a different one more than the one she wanted and asked her while we waited if she was sure she wanted that one. She was absolutely sure! She ate her snowcone happily in line by my side, while I waited for our turn to get what she had chosen. Easy peasy.  Happy daughter and happy mama!  We headed back to our seats with her snack and her light up wand and she was over the moon!

 The lights went out and it was time for the second half of the show which meant Elsa and Anna! This was the part that Lily had been dying to see and it did not disappoint! I wondered how they would condense this portion to get through the entire story --they did an amazing job!

Anna appeared first! It's coronation day!

Tell the guards to open up the gates!

For the first time in forever...

Love is an open door...

You only know how to shut people out...

"I said ENOUGH, Anna!"

The skating was beautiful to Let it Go and Lily loved that it snowed indoors too!

Looking for North Mountain.  Olaf?  That's right, Olaf!

In summmmmmmmerrrrrrrr

I get the feeling you don't know...Arendelle's in deep, deep, deep, deep snow...

I'm such fool, I can't be free...  Anna is struck in the heart.

Prince Hans, the jerk.

 Kristoff rushing in the storm to make it back to Anna.

Prince Hans going towards Elsa with his sword.

Anna choose her act of true love to save her sister...

Love. Of course, love.

And then all the princesses and heroes came back out for one big finale!

The Frozen half of the show was amazing and although Lily was very disappointed that Sven didn't make an appearance, she thought it was magical! There is nothing like seeing something through your child's eyes...

When we left the arena to head back to the car, it was snowing--big, beautiful snowflakes! The kind that make you feel like you're in a snowglobe.  Lily just knew that Elsa had done it!  I had a wonderful night with my Lily love! I hope she never forgets!

*Next year, Frozen on Ice is the Disney show coming to Pittsburgh. Presale tickets have already gone on sale which is crazy to me! But, Lily, Violet, and I do have our seats. ♥ {Sven is in that show}

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