Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doctor Visit 35 weeks

Yesterday we had another growth scan and regular doctor visit!  Potentially, if we have Lily a little early,this could have been the last growth scan...since our next one is scheduled for August 9th. 

In addition to the growth scan measuring her head, belly, kidneys, amniotic fluid etc., this time the doctor ordered a fetal biophysical profile.  That "tests" the baby's movements, heartbeat, breathing, amniotic fluid and gives her  a score.  She tested 8 out of 8. :)  She's already an A student! hee hee

It was pretty fascinating to watch her practice breathing! Her heartrate was 147 during the ultrasound and everything else looked great too!

She weighs in at a whopping SIX POUNDS, 10 OUNCES! (86% percentile)  She's gained 2 lbs, 8 ounces since the last growth scan! And they were concerned about her being little hahahahha!

Here's one of the pictures from today....She's looking at you and you can see one eye (the top of her head is on the right) Her arm is in the background pushing up against her fat little cheek. :)
The ultrasound technician was the one when we had our CVS back in January who was wonderful then and I was glad to see her at this point in our pregnancy too.

Next up, Mama's check up.  I've gained 4 pounds for a total of 22lbs.  My blood pressure was 126/84. Yesterday was the check for the group B strep. I actually was positive when I had A, so I expect this one to be also. Not a biggie other than I'm glad they test to ensure I get an antibiotic during delivery to ensure it doesn't get passed on. Lily's heartrate on the doppler was in the 150s and is one of my favorite sounds. ♥

That's it...head back for a regular OB check NEXT week! I can't believe I'm on weekly visits! Wow!

OH! Some big news.....
She's head down and read to go! (She better stay there!)Photobucket


  1. Yay! Your little peanut isn't so little any more. :)

  2. Yay for head down...mine has stayed there and i don't think he can move if he wanted to at this point...lol