Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pee Results in 3 Weeks Early

Went back to the doctor yesterday for a blood pressure check and for the lab to test the pee I'd gotten to keep in the fridge all night.

My blood pressure was a LITTLE lower, but not much: 140/86.  They dipped my urine at the doctor's office and it read the same as the day before.  So, they decided to take my blood to test the count in my liver and send me up to triage in labor & delivery to monitor my blood pressure, the baby's heartbeat, and any contractions. Apparently, I have been having contractions....and didn't know.

Off to give blood....which SUCKS (not like True Blood sucks) because I have horrible veins and the girl in the lab yesterday couldn't get me last time and had to call someone else in.

Lucky for her me she was able to get me fairly easily this time!

Off to triage, I go.  Get checked in, hooked up to the belts for the baby and blood pressure for me.

I was there for several hours. Fell asleep waiting for lab results. 

My blood pressure was normal every time it checked over the day.

The doctor came in and said my blood count in my liver was good, however there was A LOT of protein in my urine.

Official diagnosis: mild preeclampsia.

I was sent home with the order of modified bedrest. Minimal activity.

I have to go get my blood pressure checked tomorrow and if I have any symptoms --headache, horrible heartburn, lots of swelling, pains, contractions, cramping --then I'm to go back and it will be baby time.

Modified bedrest is very short....until they call us late Friday night to go in to be induced!  They want us to get to 37 weeks--full term.  Considering 10 days ago, she weighed 6lbs. 10 oz., her weight is good. :)

Lily will be making her arrival this weekend!  3 weeks early. ♥

(I blame Daddy...he said about 3 months ago, "She's gonna come before the end of July.")


  1. Good luck Friday! Thankfully they caught it early and baby girl will come sooner rather than later.

  2. oh my gosh, how exciting she will be here soon but scary all those labs the docs always do on us poor women..I think it makes it worse!

    How exciting girl!!!

  3. I was just about to e-mail you back girlie to see what the doc said from yesterday! I am glad that they caught it early and if she comes early no worries....I had full blown pre-eclampsia and Kelcee was a 36 weeker 6 lbs 12 oz and she was just fine

    Fingers crossed that you will be able to hang in there until Friday....

    How exciting that little Miss Lily is about to make her debut....

    Summer :0)

  4. How exciting. That's one thing about being induced or scheduling a c-section...finally knowing that you're going to have a little one in your arms very soon!
    I bet Lily is anxious to meet her Mama.