Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Crap About Weather and Kids

Growing up in AZ and living there most of my life, I have forgotten about the significance of actual seasons.

It's strange to me how seemingly nutty people get here in Pittsburgh during the summer about barbecues, going to the pool, and other outdoor stuff. 

Then I realize, I'm probably the one who seems nutty because I forget that grilling out in February or swimming in October in Pittsburgh isn't the same as Arizona.  Nothing HAD to be done in the summer because the weather was cooperative year 'round.

The one thing I CANNOT stand about Pittsburgh versus Arizona is the humidity.

This past week has been horrible. It's been in the 90s with humidity and the heat index out of control. Not truly a big deal if every place was air conditioned. However, many places my house is not. We have window a/c units in the bedrooms and sleeping is fine, but holy cow does it get and stay freaking hot inside when it is miserable outside.

We got an a/c unit for our livingroom this week. PRAISE GOD!

In my 34th week of pregnancy, 90+ degree temperatures and humidity, I was melting. (I'm Glinda, good witch, so not THAT kind of melting.)

G and I have spent a lot of late nights this week talking about the baby coming and the future. ♥

A lives with us all the time and R lives with us half the time. They both spend time with their other parents to varying degrees. The past 10 days, R (whose mom lives locally) has been with us for one of our extended times with her.  Normally, she's here half the week then back to her mom's for half the week.  A goes to visit his dad (who lives out of state) for extended periods in the summer.

G and I realized that we are about to have some upcoming time WITH NO KIDS!! 

When we were talking about it, we laughed as we said, "This will be our last kid-free time for the next 20 years unless we choose". That's the "his, mine and ours" scenario of  our kids coming into play. Mine goes sometimes, his goes sometimes, but ours is with us all the time when she arrives. :)

We've laughed a lot, talked about plans for the long term future, and made plans for our short-term future when we have no kids next week.

We're looking forward to our last time alone before Lily arrives, finishing up the nursery, having another ultrasound, enjoying each other, going on dates, cooler weather and getting some important items checked off our list. ♥



  1. Aww :) I have 2 of my 3 gone for the summer visiting my inlaws. They have a blast there and it gives me a much needed break. Especially helpful this summer while I'm pregnant and trying to accomplish things :)

    Enjoy your week kid free!

  2. I hate hate hate humidity! I used to live in Maryland holy hair frizz batman!
    I couldn't imagine being with no AC! Those window units don't cut it for me...I keep the place at a chilly 73 degrees during the summer months, ya our bill is killer but I might die otherwise!

    So glad you are enjoying your pregnancy (well most of it right?) You look fabulous darling!

  3. Lord I would not know whatto do with out my humidity in south TX ...we live with it most of the year even winter but I love the Gulf Coast ...BP could take its oil back though as now it is starting to come here...darn it ...New babies are so exciting.... TGIA thank goodness for AC's

  4. I absolutely LOVE the picture of you and hubs. Can't believe it's already 35 weeks. Yippee!

    Thankfully I was never late in my pregnancies during the summer. That would be miserable. Hang in ther's almost time!!

    Have a great weekend. And thank God for air conditioning!! Enjoy your childfree last moments!

  5. Girlie I feel ya on the humidity! WV isn't to far from Pittsburgh and girl it has been in the 90's here and the humidity is HORRIBLE Blech....I mean looking outside it looks like smoke it is so humid....I can't imagine how you feel being 35 weeks pregnant! Yay that you got an AC for the front room I betcha you were happy!

    I hope ya'll have lots of fun date nights ahead, before your precious bundle of joy arrives!

    Summer ;0)