Monday, July 19, 2010

You Want Me to Keep My Pee in the Refrigerator?

Had a regular OB visit today. 

Gained 1.5 pounds since last visit.

My blood pressure was a little elevated for the first time: 144/92.

Lily's heart beat was 143. ♥  My favorite number!

Talked with the doctor about my blood pressure and she said one isolated elevated blood pressure isn't cause for alarm right away.

Then she checked my urine.


She double checked my chart to see that I've only ever had trace amounts in the past and this is a moderate amount. 

The concern with those 2 things combined is preeclampsia.

Sooooo.....For 24 hours, I am collecting my pee in a brown container that reminds me of an old rubber hot water bottle and keeping it in the refrigerator until I return to the doctor with it tomorrow.  It's right next to the corn on the cob that I haven't shucked or taken out of the bag. haha

Tomorrow's pee findings and re-blood pressure check will give us some answers. 

37 weeks is considered full-term and today we're 36 weeks, 2 days.

We could quite possibly have this baby.....


I'm currently washing baby clothes, trying to finish up her room, and get everything in order. Hospital bag will be complete tonight.  I'm also drinking a lot of water and praying for my pee and blood pressure to be normal tomorrow.  A is still out of town visiting his dad and that side of his family...he needs to be home when his baby sister is born. (That's what I've worried about most today. :( )

Ready or Not!


  1. O.K. when I saw the title of this post I hopped right over! That is what happened to me with swelling and protein and they kept me in the hospital over night for mine I didn't have to put it in my refrigerator but I'm sure the hospital had to put it in theres haha

    I had pre-eclampsia and almost full eclampsia, Kelcee was taken by emergency C-Section at 36 weeks do to my other complications to but she was healthy as a horse 6 lbs 12 oz and didn't have to stay in the NIQU....

    I pray that all is well tommorrow but if you end up having her a little early she will be fine no worries deary! As for A god makes all well so I am sure you could get him back just in time to see the debut of his little sis....

    Try not to worry and um try not to tell anyone that corn they are eating is beside the pee bottle hahahahha

    Summer :0)

  2. You gotta love the bodily functions in the refrigerator ... it could be worse, just remember that! I would much rather store some pee than something else :)

    Thinking of you and praying - you're almost there chica!

  3. A friend of mine had to store her pee, but for different reasons. It's still gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    I hope everything goes well!

  4. oh no are you seriously going to have your baby before me???! I hope everything turns out to be normal...hang in there!!