Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Annual Kennywood Visit

Every year on Labor Day, we head to Kennywood for George's annual work picnic.  The thing about Pittsburgh is, there are NO guarantees with the weather.  For instance, this year, all weekend leading up to Labor Day it was hot and humid--mid 90s.  Labor Day rolls around and it was mid 60s and rainy.

We decided to let Andrew and Reagan just figure out what they wanted to ride (of what was open and running) and that would be our day since the park was closing about 5 hours earlier than normal.  It's been funny to watch them as they, especially Reagan, get braver each year to ride different rides.  This year was no different.

The big feat this year was this ride:

Reag was literally sitting on the ride, taking deep breaths, crying and talking herself into being able to do it all while Andrew was telling her to suck it up. Brothers and sisters. ha

The kids start out on the left side of the ride...Andrew wearing red shorts and Reag wearing all pink.

George, Lily and I spent the day watching them ride and just enjoyed that part of it.  The good thing with the crappy weather was there were no lines for the rides! So, they'd get off a ride and go right back on.  It was great! Andrew had to ride a couple by himself because Reag wasn't tall enough, but he didn't mind at all! 

As always with the work picnic, we spend some time in a pavillion eating yummy food and taking a rest from walking and the rain. I'm not talking it sprinkled off and on.... it literally rained ALL.DAY.LONG. So, we're a little water logged and making the best of it!

Kennywood 2011 

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